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5 Killer Logo Redesign Ideas for Your Tax Business

The future of accounting is looking bright.

And while that’s great news for your tax business, it also means the competition is tougher than ever.

One way to help your business stand out?

By rebranding. Especially if business has dried up recently, or if you’re simply concerned your company is starting to look dated, rebranding is a wonderful way to breathe new life into your tax business.

The foundation of any rebranding effort?

A powerful logo redesign. Read on for five unique logo design ideas for your tax business.

1. The Helping Hand

Taxes are a complicated issue. Often, when people try to do their own taxes, they can end up making costly errors.

By featuring a helping hand in your tax logo redesign, you’re subtly suggesting that, if individuals/businesses take you up on your offer of assistance, they’ll save money and see bigger refunds.

Plus, it reminds potential clients that you have the expertise they need to avoid heft penalties.

2. The Money Tree

Sure, money doesn’t grow on trees — but when people get a tax refund, they can sometimes feel like it does.

Plus, including the image of a tree in your logo design also implies that you’re ready to help your clients to grow their finances. Their first meeting with you is what plants the seed.

3. The Upwards Arrow

You want to communicate the idea that you’ll help your customers to get their finances on the up and up.

Including an upwards arrow, perhaps with a financial graph in the background, communicates this perfectly.

4. Your Firm’s Initials

Especially when it comes to something as serious as a tax business, sometimes simpler is better.

Case in point: look at the logo of UltimateTax. Its clean design is a clear testament to its professionalism, while the bolding of the word “Ultimate” emphasizes its authority.

If you want a similar look, but need something a bit shorter, you can always base your logo redesign around your firm’s initials.

Especially if your tax business has a lengthier name, or includes the names of several associates, using initials is a great way to strengthen your branding without making customers read too much text.

5. A Local Landmark

If you’re a local tax business, it’s important to play to your market.

One of the best ways to do that?

By proving you know the area and the people in it.

Including a famous landmark from your city or state in your design isn’t just creative, it also attracts those clients that would rather work with smaller, more personal firms.

Ready To Start Your Logo Redesign Process?

As a tax business, you know that sometimes it takes several different methods and calculations to get your clients the biggest refunds.

The same goes for your logo design.

Instead of just going with the first option you come up with, use our free online logo maker tool to dream up several potential designs.

Then, begin the rebranding process by putting your new logo on your storefront, your website, your social media accounts, and anywhere else you can think of.

Still need additional inspiration? Check out our website and blog for invaluable logo design tips that your competition has never even considered.