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5 Design Tips for Your Travel Company Logo

Travel is a hot market right now. With countless groups and organizations dedicated to helping sightseers, you have to stand out.

As a travel company, you have a fun advantage over other industries. You’re built on the notion that travelers will come to you for a pleasant time.

That means, you get to brand yourself in a more lively, upbeat manner. So, you’ll need to communicate your adventurous tone through your company logo.

You might be thinking, “But we’re not experienced in logo design.” Fear not, friends — we’re here to help. Here are 5 tips for creating an awesome travel company logo.

1. Invoke Emotion

As mentioned above, you want to spur happiness and positivity through your logo. To do that, try and create a logo that captures your company experience.

What do you offer? What is the climate you’re in? Who do you target? These elements are all important to consider when designing an emotion-packed logo.

2. Color

Typically, travel companies opt for brighter, bolder colors in their logo design. That’s because they’re vibrant and convey a more friendly tone.

It doesn’t work for all agencies, so you should be mindful of that. If your company targets more pristine travelers, you may want to go for something less flashy.

For instance, check out Lana Thai Villa in Thailand. They’re a boutique hotel a part of the Four Seasons Resort. Their colors are going to be different than, let’s say, a scuba company in Costa Rica.

3. Fun with Font

Font is another element where a travel company would usually use a bold theme to stand out. You should consider a comic font, such as Action Man or Cartoon Hand.

You want to invoke a sense of adventure into your guests, which is no easy task. But, the font is what draws us in initially, so it’s imperative we use playful tones to send our message.

With that said, don’t get too crazy with the eccentric typefaces. Some fonts, such as Nervous or Dragonfly, are unique but they’re so hard to read which is a bad sign.

4. Size Matters

Not only does the design of your font matter in a travel logo, but the size as well. Depending on your niche, your size will vary greatly.

A fun, adventurous or family-oriented travel group should focus on big, vivid lettering. Your font should be what stands out most to a viewer.

But, if you’re a more elegant travel group, you would want something less bold and in-your-face. Try something more stylish that blends into the design, instead of over it.

5. Use Those Symbols

Symbols are great elements to incorporate into a travel company logo. They provide a visual element that exemplifies the brand.

You can use an arrow, compass, bird, sun, etc. Also, you can focus on the travelers themselves by using luggage or passports.

Let’s Get You a Great Travel Company Logo

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge, it’s time to put your skills to the test.

But, if you need a little more guidance on creating a company logo, then look no further. At PSD Learning, we offer plenty of tutorials for creative design.

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