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These Mistakes Will Ruin Your Sports Website Design

You’ve worked hard to create a dynamic sports website design.

But before you launch — and potentially destroy your business before it even has a chance to get off the ground — you need to read this post.

Are you making some of these design mistakes?

Read on to find out.

1. A Failure To Properly Display Your Licenses/Credentials

As this post on the SBR forum proves, unfortunately, there are still a lot of scammers in the sports betting world.

In fact, recent studies show that a shocking 1 in 10 people fall victim to online frauds and scams.

If your website doesn’t prominently display your licenses/credentials on the homepage (or make them easy to find in the drop-down menu) you’re doing nothing to build consumer trust.

Highlight your legal and licensing information by including it in a different color or font. You may even want to include a brief line re-stating your regulatory compliance at the bottom of each internal page.

Another great way to build trust that we see far too many sports website design professionals leave out?

Past customer reviews or testimonials. To make your visitors feel more comfortable, always include a few glowing reviews from frequent visitors to your site.

2. Slow Loading Time

You know it as well as the next person does — sometimes, betting is impulsive. Many times, visitors to your site will log on to place a bet on a whim.

And like any whim or “gut feeling,” the desire to place a bet can often change on a dime. That means that if your site’s home and internal pages are slow to load, you may lose a customer.

That one-time customer that got away very well could have turned into a long-term, frequent better if things went well for them.

But since they left your site, you’ll never be able to take that gamble — and neither will they.

Additionally, slow loading time actually causes your site to fall in the Google rankings. This is because visitors are likely to quickly navigate away from a site that’s slow to load. This tells Google that people don’t spend much time on your site.

As a result, you fall well below your competitors in the rankings.

3. Navigation That’s Not Intuitive

Your customers are placing a sports bet — not learning how to build a rocket ship. But if your website’s design isn’t intuitive and clear, visitors can feel like they’re reading a NASA manual.

Nobody wants to jump through a thousand hoops just to be able to bet on their favorite team.

Always clearly label your menus/sidebar options, make navigating to the homepage easy, and use images linked to relevant internal pages to make things intuitive.

Don’t Let These Sports Website Design Mistakes Sabotage Your Success

Thanks to this post, you know a few of the most common sports website design mistakes that can cost you visitors and impact the visibility of your website.

However, this post doesn’t cover all of them. Plus, it doesn’t even get into how to develop a killer SEO strategy, how to ensure your digital marketing plan is in line with your branding, and more.

In short, your to-do list when it comes to strengthening your website is far from complete.

To help you fill in the gaps, and to teach you why these things are so important, check out our blog.