/4 Web Creation Design Tips for Auto Repair Websites
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4 Web Creation Design Tips for Auto Repair Websites

Not only are first impressions lasting, they happen quite quickly. In fact, website visitors will have an impression of your site in less than 3 seconds.

This means that your site needs to be well-designed. It needs to be fast and easy to use. A user’s first impression of your site will be long-lasting.

A poorly designed website decreases your chance of conversion. It also decreases time on page.

Want to improve your auto repair website to keep your business going strong?

If so, keep reading for 4 web creation design tips.

1. Focus on the Home Page

One of the easiest ways to convert website visitors into customers is to provide a well-designed home page.

The landing page should be compelling. It needs to be well-laid out, balancing the line between clutter and not enough information.

Provide some quick excerpts about your repair shop. Customers will want to know which auto repair services you provide. Be sure to provide a concise list of available services.

You’ll also want to display customer reviews. These will build your brand as trusted and professional.

The most important piece is to include a call to action. Ask visitors to sign up for your newsletter to receive a monthly coupon for repair services. With this information, you can target website visitors.

2. Easy-to-Use Website Navigation

If your business offers BMW Services, chances are you’ll have repair services, company information, and contact pages. But what good are sub-pages if visitors can’t easily get to them?

The key to successful web creation is to provide an intuitive navigation. The navigation serves as the site map.

When implementing navigation on your site:

  • Place navigation at the top of the page
  • Consider providing secondary navigation at the bottom
  • Group links by categories
  • Provide a search bar

3. Optimize for Mobile Use

Today’s world is driven by convenience and on-the-go access. In fact, more than 50% of all web traffic comes from a mobile device. If your website isn’t mobile optimized, you’re losing revenue.

The layout you use needs to be fluid and easily adaptable to all screen sizes. You’ll also want to put heavy emphasis on functionality. Users want a streamlined way to book a repair service appointment.

The fewer clicks, the better!

Looking to start from a clean slate? Design your website with a mobile-first strategy.

4. Don’t Forget About Speed

With so much focus on the look and feel of a site, functionality can take the backseat.

The most essential part of a quality website is that it loads quickly. Consumers are all about convenience and ease of use. A slow website isn’t customer-friendly.

To meet consumer expectations, ensure each pages loads in under 3 seconds.

To speed up your website:

  • Save all image files for the web
  • Use file compression
  • Enable browser caching
  • Remove unused script

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