/Get Website Design Inspiration by Using These Homepage Design Ideas
Homepage Design Ideas

Get Website Design Inspiration by Using These Homepage Design Ideas

Your homepage is where browsers decide if your webpage is worth it. 

Your customers are making this decision faster than ever, leaving you little time to make a meaningful first impression (tip: you’ve got about 15 seconds to nail it).

So, your homepage design needs to be optimized for conversion. It needs to quickly and clearly draw browsers to where you want them, doing what you want them to do.

Users are looking for information, your homepage is the place where they should be able to easily see how to access that information.

But it also needs to look great.

Here is a list of effective homepage design ideas that are trending in 2020. 

1. Single Page Websites

Single-page websites are great for minimizing the steps users need to make to find what they are looking for. All of the site content is laid out clearly on the homepage. This takes your website out of the too hard basket.

The other benefit of a single-page website design is that it cuts down on individual page loading time, which will help your SEO. Facebook and other social media apps are great examples of how easy it is for users to endlessly scroll through content

If you opt for this design, include a floating menu in the sidebar for easy navigation.

Typetalk does a great job of displaying all of their key content on one scrollable homepage.

3. Navigation is Key

Have you ever found a website that seemed to have the information you were looking for, but you eventually gave up on it because it was so difficult to navigate? 

Your content is only as good as your website architecture. Dataveyes have an amazing website that is super interactive and easy to navigate.

The key navigation features to include on your site are:


This feature outlines the pages your user has clicked through to get to their location on your site. This makes it easy to know how to retrace their steps back to a page they previously viewed.

Navigation Menu 

Place your main menu in the header of your site so that it’s consistent on every page.

Search Function

Having a search bar to quickly search a whole site is a great option for websites housing loads of content, like a university webpage. This feature can take a user from your home page to the exact content they need in one search.

Hamburger Button

Everybody is familiar with the hamburger button. Even if you don’t know what it’s called, you know what it does.

This basic feature is a no-brainer for users and builds trust because they instantly know how to get around your website.

4.Dish Up The Goods 

Tiny PNG isn’t just a fantastic website, it’s a useful resource.

Front and center on their homepage design is a jpg and png compressor tool. It’s a free service that doesn’t require any annoying signup or subscription. This makes it a site that gets visited over and over again because it solves a problem.

Users get a taste of the service with no barriers while the rest of the page sells the full version of their product.

For more ideas on how to optimize your homepage for sales, check out this service.

5. Homepage Design Must Have’s

On Brand

Follow the brand style guide. Think of a business as a living being, the webpage is one part of the whole and should express that clearly. Colors, tone of voice, image choices and content should be consistent with the brand’s personality.

Clear, Quick and to The Point

Make sure your homepage gets straight to the point. Within a few seconds, your site should communicate who you are, what you do, what your vibe is and what to do next.

Your Tone Matches Your Audience

Who is your target customer? What can they relate to and what is important to them? How does your homepage design resonate with them? 

Clear CTA

Netflix does a great job with their CTA. It’s the main feature of their homepage and communicates their services benefit to you in six words: “unlimited movies, TV shows and more.”

The user’s steps have been reduced to entering an email and clicking a button and they are on their way to making a purchase.

Responsive Web Design

These days, responsive web design is a must-have. This means that your webpage displays differently depending on the device it’s viewed on. What is clear and easy to digest on a desktop is not necessarily readable on mobile. 

With 50% of websites being viewed on mobile, this feature is a definite must-have.

8. Design Trends

Black and White

Black and white color schemes are becoming a popular website design trend. They create maximum contrast while leaving room for elegance, impact, simplicity and power.

Viita Titan have nailed the black and white trend.

Feature Typography 

Jump out of the box with your typography. Using typography in creative ways is a simple way to set your homepage apart.

Type Terms are a great example of this.


Patterns are an effective and trendy way to make your homepage visually appealing. There’s an infinite amount of options and ways to incorporate them into your homepage.

Patterns are another alternative to adding lots of pictures to your homepage to make it visually interesting.

Mony’s uses a funky Mexican wallpaper pattern to create a uniform look throughout their whole site.


Internet users are used to being bombarded with stimulation. Minimalism grabs attention by providing less stimulation, and it’s super effective.

Studio Rotate has a beautiful minimalistic homepage design.


Illustrated designs feel more personal than polished photography. They are quirky, fun and as unique as the artist.

Check out Longshot Features‘ interactive illustration homepage design.


These homepage design ideas should get your creative brain juices flowing, but there is an endless amount of great ideas to draw inspiration from.

Got another great homepage idea we haven’t included? Share it in the comments!