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Medical Packaging Design: Designing for Medical Marijuana

The packaging for a product communicates a lot to a customer.

For medical products, it’s important to create packaging that looks professional. It should give customers the feeling that this is a company you can trust with your health.

Medical packaging design can be fairly straightforward, but medical marijuana has changed the game.

For example, medical marijuana is used for a wide variety of different illnesses. There are marketing and packaging laws that vary state-to-state. Unlike other medications, there’s sometimes a stigma attached to using it.

Those are a few things to consider when designing packaging for your medical marijuana product. Read on to learn more.

First, Know Your Audience

Don’t market to the stereotypical marijuana smoker. They’re only a fraction of the people who are turning to medical cannabis.

There are all types of patients using prescribed weed. People use it for all sorts of reasons. Think of what kind of person you’re looking to sell to.

Are you appealing to young professionals trying to ease their anxiety with low-dose edibles?

Maybe they’re older cancer patients who aren’t comfortable with recreational pot use.

The medical packaging design would be different for those two groups. You have to market a lifestyle that matches them.

Market Products as a Lifestyle, Not a Vice

Using classy designs instead of trashy branding is important for medical marijuana products. People who are using it for an illness don’t want to feel like they’re indulging a vice.

Instead, use your branding to market a lifestyle.

For example, Charlotte’s Web Hemp oil uses their branding to market a healthy lifestyle. Their eyedropper bottles look sleek and remind you of a daily supplement. The boxes are printed with information so you can learn more about the product and its benefits.

Information is Key

Making your packaging look appealing is important. However, educating the customer on the product is also necessary.

Your medical packaging design for cannabis should be like any other medicine. It should have information on how to use the product.

Ensure that it’s printed in a way that is easy to notice and to read. Depending on the state, they have different laws in place on how medical marijuana needs to be labeled.

Don’t Market to Children and Teens

Like tobacco, there are laws against appearing to market medical pot to kids.

In states like California, lawmakers are cracking down on how companies label and package cannabis. Steer clear of using designs that might appeal to children.

Using cartoons, wild colors, and fun designs might get you into trouble down the road.

Medical Packaging Design for Cannabis: The Takeaway

Designing packaging for medical marijuana is similar to designing any product packaging. It should appeal to your consumer and make them feel good about what they’re purchasing. Keep in mind these tips, and you’ll come up with a great design.

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