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How to Get Solar Energy Photos for Eco-Marketing

A compelling visual is like the cherry on top of a brilliant piece of content. Websites can’t serve their viewers content without a visual to go with it!

So, it’s no surprise that the use of visual content rose 130% between 2015 and 2016 across all industries.

Visual content is even more important for eco-marketing. As this industry rises, the need for solar energy photos is also increasing.

So, how can solar energy companies and eco-marketers obtain their visual content? Let’s find out!

Using Stock Image Libraries

Copyright continues to be a big issue in online marketing. Websites need visuals, but they can’t feature images without permission from the artists.

That’s where stock image libraries come in. These sites contain thousands of visuals that people can download for their websites at a low cost – or for free!

Free stock image libraries received a bad rep in years past. To this day, there are some free stock image libraries that still provide outdated or poor quality photos in limited supplies.

But this is changing. There are more free stock image libraries coming out that cater to the need for high-quality visuals – without the high price.

So, what are some free stock image libraries that produce quality solar energy photos?


Shutterstock carries a generous amount of solar panel, light bulb, and solar-related images.

This site also contains a big selection of solar-related graphics and animated images.


The selection of free images at Pexels isn’t as vast as Shutterstock’s, but the library does provide photos of higher and more artistic quality.

Pexels has a healthy selection of solar-related images, from standard solar panels to electric lights.

A solar power website is likely to produce content that’s about more than just solar energy. So, they need visuals to complete this content and register with users on an emotional level.

For example, Pexels has photographs of machines and power plants in dark hues and filters. A solar power website could use these images to convey the need to combat pollution.

Hiring a Professional Photographer

There’s no shortage of stock image libraries, and there’s no shortage of talented photographers, either.

Professional photographers can produce solar energy photos with their own creative styles. Their photos are not only unique but also of the highest and most personal quality.

They can even capture challenging visuals that a layman photographer can’t. Some professional photographers even specialize in sun photography!

The downside to hiring a professional photographer is that they can’t produce visual content on-demand. Their art takes time to produce, and it’s likely that they have more than one client to do business with.

Being the Photographer & Visual Artist

Those in the solar power industry can also channel their inner photographer!

Cameras and digital equipment are expensive, but this can be a cost-effective investment in the long run.

There will never be a need to hire professional help. Plus, one can take in-house photos of their latest solar developments – at their convenience.

Not to mention, they can also experiment with graphic design and video making.

Visual content isn’t just comprised of photographs. Videos and infographics are especially helpful in conveying information related to solar energy.

Being one’s own photographer is a great alternative, but if a person doesn’t have time to learn and develop photo skills, they’re better off hiring a professional.

Eco-Marketing with Solar Energy Photos

Solar energy is a growing market that is becoming vastly prevalent online. As technology evolves, it’ll be interesting to see how the solar energy industry implements visual content in the coming years.

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