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5 Tips To Make An Amazing 3D Logo Design

If you’re under the impression that logo design is a simple process, and that those who get it right are just lucky, you’re wrong.

3D logo design is an art, and the kind you can learn if you know what to look for.

Today, we’ll be talking about the ins and outs of creating an effective 3D effect. This means a focus on subtle, good-looking designs that catch the eye and push your brand in an authentic way.

3D Logo Design: A Subtle Art, Made Impressive

Logo design is all about making decisions.

In order for your brand to really “pop” as a result of your logo, it’s got to look professional, be attention-grabbing, and different.

That can be a tall order for something flat.

3D logo design is a well-established and highly effective way to create an insignia to turn your website into a marketing asset that works for you.

But it’s not as easy as flipping a switch on PhotoShop or turning to an online resource to create an effective 3D logo. You need to know what you’re doing – how to handle color, what looks good, and what to avoid.

3D Alone Isn’t Enough

Just because you’ve created a shape in three dimensions doesn’t mean that’s enough to make it look “good”.

There are other things to consider. Color, for instance, which can influence feelings and affect decisions can make or break a logo.

Choose color combinations that match your business’ overall design.

A pro tip: never use a “marble” finish to color your logo. Every designer tries it, the first time, and, to be frank, it looks tacky.

There are many more subtle approaches to color and texture. Try something in a wood veneer, or use a texture that looks like sanded concrete.

Keep in mind, it should look impressive, but not like you’re trying too hard. Don’t apply a glossy finish to a color you’re hoping to impress people with. Don’t dumb down your appearance with a texture that’s too porous or rocky.

And, to bring the matter of color full circle, it’s important to consider what the logo looks like in black and white. It’s said that any logo that can’t hold up without any colors isn’t working as hard as it could be. Make sure it looks good on its own, in the absence of color.

And, if you’re going to all the trouble of 3D logo design, you won’t want the image to get lost in bad lighting.

The entire point of a 3D design is to treat it like a real object in a real space. Use lighting to highlight the shapes of your authentically, and in a way that brings out their best angles.

Less Is More

Subtlety is at the epicenter of good design.

While it can be easy to get carried away designing a 3D logo for your business, the truth is it’s easy to create something gaudy-looking if you don’t watch out.

Don’t clutter your logo with too much typography, if any. Think Nike or Apple – simple graphics, with few small angles and edges, which are easily made into 3D shapes. Working your name or some wording into your logo isn’t a complete deal breaker – just make sure you keep it minimal.

Sometimes, even a flat logo with a 3D finish can be effective enough.

Once you’ve got your logo simplified, you’ll be able to bring the rest of your website in line with your new minimized design. Click for more on cheap, all-in-one web hosting, and start decluttering your web hosting experience.

Make It Versatile

A business logo needs to be something you can use in a variety of settings and for different purposes.

When designing your logo, try it out in different formats. On the page might be a good start, but it’s perfectly feasible that it might not translate as well to clothing items, banners, or promotional material.

Hone your logo’s design until it passes the “pass by” test. If you can walk by your logo at high speed and recognize it for what it is, without having to read or figure anything out, it’s effective.

Dare To Stand Out

This might go without saying, but a logo that fades into the background is no good to anyone.

You need to make sure your logo catches more than just people’s eyes. It needs to catch their imaginations. This means something striking, not borrowing from other successful icons.

You could always use your business name’s initials in block capitals with a cornflower blue fade, but everybody’s done that. You could design a piece of fruit, with a bite taken out of it, but that ground’s been covered.

Make sure your logo stands out. Whatever you do, and whatever the effect, the public will respect your choice to look different. And if they don’t respect that, at least they’ll remember you for it.

Animate Your Logo Carefully

A big part of the decision to create a 3D logo is so that you can incorporate it into animations and promotional material for your business. This can include everything from banners to television ads.

When designing your logo, keep future animation efforts in mind as you put the object together. Remember that what looks good, facing up, may have the opposite effect if you rotate it and it faces down at any point.

Make sure your logo won’t look silly or laughable from any alternate angle the viewer might stop it at.

Aside from the chance of your logo looking silly upside down, there’s also the chance it won’t look like your logo. Do your best to make sure that even when you’re not looking at the logo head-on, it’s still recognizable.

Getting The Best Out Of Your 3D Logo

When it comes to logo design, sometimes what you need is something that jumps off the page.

And what better way to bring your logo out of the page than with a compelling 3D logo design?

Hopefully, with a little guidance, now you’ll know how to do it in an authentic way, that looks good and works as an effective marketing tool.

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