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3 Tips For a Stunning Business Brochure Design

Did you know 75 percent of people believe brochures are a useful source for information? A good business brochure design is the key to reaching that percentage of people who are interested in what you have to say.

A good business brochure design is the key to reaching that percentage of people who are interested in what you have to say.

Your brochure may have the most interesting information contained inside, but if it doesn’t look the part it’s not going to attract any viewers. That is why we have outlined 3 key insights to help you create your very own stunning brochure.

1. Plan How to Make It Stand Out

Oftentimes brochures are handed out at promotional events where dozens of other marketing pieces are competing for attention. This means that from the very first glance your piece needs to be different.

There are many different ways to do this. First, use bright and vibrant color schemes. These will help you to catch the viewer’s eye.

However, they must be complemented with good content otherwise you’ll lose their attention again.

A second way to stand out from the crowd is unique folding options. Not all brochures need to be made in the standard tri-fold fashion. Instead, play around with designs that fold diagonally or down the middle.

2. Understand Your Printing Options

Along with new folding ideas, you should also understand all of your printing options. If you are printing on your basic office printer, you likely don’t have too many options with your paper or ink being used.

However, if you are printing them with a commercial printer, take the time to talk with one of their specialists. Many printers offer unique features like digital foil and spot varnish.

Some will even work with your designer to create a one-of-a-kind business brochure design. Here are 5tips to help your graphic designer. These are proven techniques that have been known to help increase consumer interest and satisfaction.

Also, talk with your specialists about the different paper weights. While a heavier paper tends to be viewed as more professional, they are also more expensive. Find a paper that works for your design and budget.

3. Follow Basic Design Principles

Lastly, and most importantly, is to follow good design principles. Oftentimes, when creative juices are flowing, designers can forget about the simple things like adding in contact information.

The back of the brochure is a great place to put your office location, email, or phone number. If you don’t have an office space, click here. There are places that you can rent without having to pay exorbitant rates.

Along with adding your contact information, remember to use no more than 3 fonts and 3 colors. Brochures are small, so too many fonts or colors can distract from your message.

A Stunning Business Brochure Design Awaits

Even if you don’t have a seasoned graphic designer for your business, you can still create a stunning business brochure design.

Still feeling stuck? Check out some of our other tips for creating stellar promotional designs for your unique business.

Have any questions or comments? Send them our way. We can’t wait to see what you’ll design next!