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5 Health and Wellness Logo Trends to Be Aware Of

Do you run a health-related business?

Then you want to be recognized as a brand that stands for inspiration, empowerment, and influence! The perfect health and wellness logo can do just that.

How? Certain elements of design – like images, color, and font – can psychologically impact people.

Here are the health and wellness logo trends you need to be aware of to gain maximum exposure to your brand.

5 Health and Wellness Logo Trends in 2017

Whether you run a yoga studio, medical center or a supplement blog encouraging people to buy kratom online, your mission is to inspire wellness.

Here are a few tips for designing a unique logo that will inspire change in your target customer.

1. Inspirational Images

Certain images and symbols are known for evoking feelings of well being. Many health-related businesses have used the following in their branding:

  • Leaves and trees symbolize growth.
  • Apples represent health education and nutrition.
  • Lotus flowers represent yoga studios and health coaches.
  • Hands stand for connection, safety, and cleanliness.
  • Mountains inspire hikers and athletes.

Depending on what niche within the health industry your brand falls in, you may want to use one of these iconic images to increase brand recognition.

2. Primary Colors and Greens

Primary colors – red, yellow, and blue – as well as a range of greens, are known to promote health and vitality. You’ll see many health and wellness logo designs with a light range of these colors to give a sense of comfort rather than any feelings of harshness.

Choose a design with 2-4 of these colors to relay the impact of your brand with your target audience.

3. Simple Fonts

Use a clean and simple font to brand your health and wellness business. Medical facilities especially will want to stick to a straightforward and classy font style, as the font can express the nature of the profession. This style can also help set a tone of professionalism and elegance.

4. Simple Overlays

Layering images and text adds dimension to your health and wellness logo design. The look is visually engaging as it layers parts of the image over the text. Pair your simplistic font over an image or shape in a primary color, and use transparency as needed.

5. Use Blue for Healthcare

The majority of healthcare industry leading providers use blue as their most prominent color in their logo. Consumers typically associate the color blue with knowledge, security, tranquility, and trust. If you’re a healthcare provider, your brand will definitely be recognizable with a hint of blue in the logo.

Learn to Design Your Health and Wellness Logo

These 5 trends are common among logo designs for health and wellness brands. Implement these design techniques to inspire a healthy lifestyle among your target customers. Your audience will have no problem recognizing your brand as a leader in health and wellness.

For more tips on designing your brand’s logo, check out our Photoshop tutorials and resources. Logo design doesn’t have to be complicated. PSD Learning will help you gain confidence in your design skills and whip up an irresistible logo.