/5 Eco-Friendly Logo Design Tips to Appeal to Green Consumers
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5 Eco-Friendly Logo Design Tips to Appeal to Green Consumers

A company’s logo is like their online dating profile. It’s a succinct snapshot of who they are and what they bring to the table. Many marketing experts consider a logo to be the most important piece of business design.

As environmental concerns become more clear, companies are working harder to be eco-friendly. For this reason, if a company is eco-conscious, they want this to come through in everything they do.

For a graphic designer, allowing your clients to say, “We even have an eco-friendly logo,” is a selling point.

So how do join the ranks of an eco-friendly logo designer? We have a few tips that can help.

Tip #1: Greenify Your Workspace

One of the best ways to have an eco-friendly graphic design business is to make your office “green.” Whether you work at home or in a corporate environment, here are a few ways to be environmentally friendly:

  • Unplug all your devices when you’re not using them. A plugged-in device will draw electricity even if it’s turned off.
  • Take advantage of the classics. Use efficient light bulbs, reduce temperature control, conserve water, etc.
  • Reduce your hours if it’s practical.

Tip #2: Embrace the Power of Digital

We get it, everyone loves flipping the pages of on an oversized easel in a logo design meeting. But think how many resources are required to prepare them, environmental and financial.

For your future logo design meetings with clients, consider a PowerPoint presentation instead. If you’re working on a smaller scale, show clients proofs on PDFs rather than printed papers.

Tip #3: Think Local for Eco-Friendly Logo Design and Beyond

Using local suppliers, printers, and products will limit transportation needs. For example, as a Portland local SEO company, they focus their business locally. That means less travel to other parts of the country, and burning fewer fossil fuels.

Tip #4: Practice Environmentally Conscious Printing

You can use digital displays for many aspects of graphic design, but you can’t avoid printing altogether. But the printing process has a large carbon footprint. Here are a few tips to keep it green:

  • Use paper made of post-industrial recycled content or post-consumer recycled content
  • Partner with print shops who have eco-friendly practices
  • Choose totally chlorine free (TCF) paper
  • Try tree-free paper

Tip #5: Try Minimalism

Making small design changes can make for a more eco-friendly logo. Graphic designer Sylvain Boyer focuses on fewer colors, finer lines, and minimalist designs. He’s re-worked major brands’ logos in this style, reducing ink by as much as 38%.

This minimalist style also has a modern look, so it’s perfect for keeping your designs in the 21st century.

A Final Word about Eco-Friendly Graphic Design

Graphic design isn’t a field many people associate with a large carbon footprint. But everyone can stand to make their profession more environmentally friendly.

We commend you for taking steps toward a more eco-friendly career. We hope the tips above can help you get started.

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