/The Three Best Marijuana Dispensary Logo Designs (And the Three Absolute Worst)
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The Three Best Marijuana Dispensary Logo Designs (And the Three Absolute Worst)

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries with an estimated $17 billion by 2021. Naturally, this means marketing and branding will have to learn how to navigate through this new industry, from building great websites to knowing what makes a strong marijuana dispensary logo.

While the industry may be new, there are still some basic building blocks of marketing that apply. Here, we will be taking a look at the best (and worst) cannabis logos and breaking down what goes into a strong logo for the cannabis industry.

The Best

Read on below to find our choices for the very best cannabis dispensary logo designs, and find out what it is that makes them look so good.

1. Leafs by Snoop

When it comes to cannabis as a brand, there’s no surprise that Snoop Dogg would know how to hit the mark. Still, when we saw the logo for Snoop’s brand Leafs, he did take an unexpected turn.

There’s nothing “hip hop” related to snoops logo. It comes off the clean, well designed, and high end. In fact, the slightly three-dimensional graphic (and it’s beautiful packaging) is an eye grabber without being overly cluttered or too busy, making it one of the best logos on the market.

2. Marley Natural

Another name you wouldn’t be surprised to find on this list: Marley. Bob Marley’s name has become synonymous with peace, love, and good bud, which is why Marley Natural was a welcome addition to the world of cannabis brands.

Again, this brand took an unexpected turn when it comes to the logo. Rather than use an image of Bob Marley himself, or even the token Jamaican colors, the brand chose to go with a clean lion graphic. The lion is a major iconic symbol in the Rastafari religion, so while the graphic may be simple it’s meaning speaks volumes.

3. Kiva Confections

Kiva Confections combines artisanal chocolatiers with cannabis cultivators to create a bold, consistent and flavorful chocolate edible. Which is why it’s logo is entirely appropriate for the brand.

With a quick look, the logo resembles the elegant logos of other known chocolatiers Ghirardelli. However, upon a second look, the iconic marijuana leaf gives a cheeky representation without letting go of sophistication. For staying true to its purpose while still playing with the big boys, this logo is worthy of a top three spot.

*Bonus Marijuana Dispensary Logos*

We couldn’t close the list without adding in a couple more of our favorites. Here are some extra logo designs we love.

4. Wana Edibles

When it comes to creating a clean, fresh and healthy appearance, Wana Edibles knock it out of the park. The look of the Wana logo and it’s packaging represents the edibles for what they truly are, valid pain relief for those with difficult conditions.

The “enhance your life” tagline drives home the message that they are offering a solid wellness product. Click here to learn more about cannabis as a potential pain reliever.

5. The Goodship Company

At first glance, there is nothing telling of the logo or the packaging for Goodship that signifies it is an edible. Instead, the brand’s message is one of luxury and indulgence. Which is appropriate considering their products are among the most delicious in the industry.

The contemporary logo has an eye-catching effect and creates a lifestyle message, while the tagline “higher education” gives a sly nod to the industry as a whole.

The Worst

Since we don’t want to bring down any brand directly (we’re all friends, right?), we will instead discuss some common logos in the cannabis industry that simply need to go.

1. The Standard Marijuana Leaf Logo

This is about as cliche as it gets and unless you have a brilliant designer that can reimagine such a graphic (like Leafly’s designer), it’s almost impossible to stand out. Also, it tells absolutely nothing about the individual brand.

Remember, a logo’s main purpose is to communicate to its audience what a brand is all about. So a simple marijuana leaf isn’t communicating much.

For example, what kind of products are being sold? What’s the brand’s mission? Who is the brand targeting? None of these things are really taken into consideration if a simple marijuana leaf is the final take away.

2. The Jamaican Flags or Jamaican Colors

If Bob Marley’s family could create a logo without using the infamous red, yellow and green, then the rest of us can too. Using the Jamaican colors to promote a cannabis brand is playing off of a stereotype that the industry is attempting to avoid.

Not to mention it’s not right to reduce an entire culture to that one stereotype and then attempt to commercialize it.

3. Cheech and Chong or any “Stoner” Reference

Being aware of the newly growing cannabis industry also means being aware of its history. Currently, cannabis is being used to treat millions of people around the world for a number of conditions. However, it wasn’t always that way.

Many people missed out on the treatment they needed due to decades of criminalization for cannabis. Stereotypes like the “stoner” were used to discredit cannabis and it’s healing potential. Logos that nod to such stereotypes are taking the industry backward instead of forwards, and are too afraid to step out of the box.

Creating Your Own Brand

At the end of the day what goes into a great marijuana dispensary logo is the same thing that goes into any logo: a strong message, creativity, and a brilliant design.

The good news is, even if you’re not a designer, you can still learn how to design the ultimate logo. Just take your time doing the right research. Test out different images and even if one looks great, be sure it’s sending out a message that’s relevant to your brand.

Remember, you want your logo to be memorable but relevant. Dig into some logo essentials and you’ll have the perfect one in no time.