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How Quality Graphics Can Impact Your Business

When it comes to website creation, nothing repels users faster than poor graphics. After all, consumers tend to look at how something is “packaged” and decide from there whether to buy it or not. As much as a third of their purchasing decisions rely on strong packaging elements.

Just think of how you feel when your searching for a website. You think it’s got what you need. You click on it, only to find yourself confused by all those colors on the landing screen.

Quality graphic design is as important as implementing functional eCommerce on your site. If you neglect it, you’re likely to suffer a few unseen consequences.

If you’re still doubtful of why these are so important, then take a step back and read on. Here’s how graphics can impact your business and website.

A Cohesive Theme and Idea

One thing that’s very important to any website is cohesion – especially in terms of color. You need a strong color choice that follows through every page. Your choices in colors should symbolize what your brand is all about.

Here’s something to put things in perspective:

Have you noticed how many banks and financial institutions use blue in their branding’s color palette? Think Bank America and Citibank. The reason is simple: Because this particular color exudes emotions of security and trustworthiness.

Then there’s the color green. You’ll find this mostly used in brand logos and websites of organizations involved in agriculture and environment. It’s also dominant in educational websites.

What’s important is to remain cohesive in terms of your branding. What’s in your primary brand logo should appear on your website. This way, you won’t have to worry about the idea of your business getting lost.

Cohesion is making sure you make the most of effective graphic design. Simply put, if you have a certain color palette on your logo, stick to it and use other colors that would best to complement it.

And with the use of high-quality internal graphics, you can project the identity of your logo and business.

Building Brand Identity through Quality Graphic Design

When you think about a tiny bird, usually, what comes to mind is Twitter. That’s a very powerful brand identity, and it’s gotten stronger over the years. If you go to any website with social media links, you’ll always find that blue silhouette.

Building your own brand identity along with cohesion creates a face for your company. From the prominence of your logo, to how those colors affect the content on your page.

Graphics enable you to impress an image of your products into a user mind. That counts for a lot when you want them to remember your website when they need something.

Functional Navigation

So, now you have a beautiful looking logo and you’ve created a unique style for your website. Clicking around, you notice that it’s hard to find your way around.

This is what bad navigation is, and it can be harmful to your user retention rates. Graphics play a role in this through clean pathways. A user is more likely to keep tapping and clicking if you make it easier for them.

Contextual menus that share the same typeface with the rest of the page is less jarring. The purpose of graphics design here is simplification.

Along with that, it also ties every page after clicking away by being having that consistent look. People expect to find every menu and button in the same place after loading a page.

If your website is dense, then graphics can also act as a guide back. Put reference points like menu highlights on the current page. That can be a clever bookmark for the user.

Increased Website Efficiency

Of course, the flow of your website won’t mean much if pages won’t load. It’s a common problem because people can often forget about page weight.

For example; if you want crisp high definition buttons and menus, then be aware of how large the files are. This also goes the same for large resolution images.

Great designers know how to reduce the size of files without comprising quality. They can design buttons that look good on every screen.

This is important because responsive websites should be able to load fast. They should also look the same across any device. If you still have questions about website efficiency, view here for more information.

Web Accessibility for Everyone

It may be surprise you to find out that many disable people still have problems using technology. While the number of user seems small, being accessible to everyone is still important.

The importance of graphics design here is making visuals simple and clean. Especially for visually-impaired people.

Whether you keep colors simple or have an alternative page for people who can’t see color at all.

In this respect, your website has to appeal to impaired users. It’s not much, but it’s surprising to see how much impact accessibility can have on your site.

Better End-User Readability

After cohesion and navigation, one last advantage graphics design can provide is readability.

Readability is your site’s general ease of use. It’s how the typeface fits with the page and your theme. Whether images and the graphics themselves are functional and have appeal.

People don’t have the time to deal with clunky and slow websites. They usually leave after one look, which can mean less sales or views.

A skilled graphics designer can pull together all the factors above to make a readable site. They can appeal to the user and guide them through the different elements you want them to see.

Individual Creative Appeal

Graphics can also add a splash of imagination into your final product. Designers are creative so letting them add a splash of style can add a sleek appeal.

Brainstorming and allowing critique to change the final work leads to great products. Besides beautiful graphics, designers allow you to bring an idea to life.

That can bring in more users and that means better business.

Gain the Edge with Graphics Designers

Website design in general brings together many elements to represent your brand. Every aspect should get the right amount of attention and time. This is why graphic design is important.

It ranks a little bit higher because it’s how you appeal to average internet user. Which is why it’s so important to get ahead of your competition. But how can you do that?

While it does seem daunting to find what design works for your website, there’s no need to feel intimidated.

All it takes is research and setting aside an appropriate budget.

After that, it’s a matter of choosing the right designer for you. Your business can only grow using quality graphic design. So, build a better, higher-performing website now by incorporating more of these effective strategies.