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Why A Top 10 List is a Marketing Pro’s Secret Weapon

Top 10 lists are easy and effective marketing tools used by every type of business.

List based posts are popping up everywhere online, from popular Buzzfeed articles about the top 10 times you drunkenly call your ex-boyfriend to small businesses discussing top 10 lists for the most comfortable ballet flats.

Why are these lists so successful in the marketing world?

Keep reading to learn the answer.

1. Get to the Point

Do you have time to read through thick paragraphs full of information? Most likely the answer is no.

The millennial generation is setting the tone for the next wave of reading with an affinity for top ten lists. More people in that age category are interested in reading quick blurbs that simplify the big picture.

The point of top ten lists is to create digestible content that anyone can read in a matter of minutes.

After all, our attention spans are even shorter than a goldfish. Once readers see “Top 10” in the title of an article, they expect the list based post to be quick and painless to get through.

2. Easy to Skim on a Phone

Top 10 lists are also wonderful marketing tools because they are easy to skim.

People spend countless hours on their cell phone devices. They scroll through Facebook feeds, post photos to Instagram accounts, and frequently check their e-mail on the go.

Top ten lists work because they are easy to read on a phone. Once an article is pulled up, the numbered segments are broken down in a way that is bold.

Articles usually have bolded sub-headings, an example would be what you see in this very article, that highlight each part of the list.

A bold font makes the list even more eye-catching for the audience to enjoy the reading process.

A marketing pro’s secret weapon is using top ten lists because they are easy to skim.

3. Fun to Share

Buzzfeed is known for creating viral content in the form of lists. People who read a list that is relatable to them will share it online with their friends.

The article will grow more traffic once it is seen by thousands of new visitors, thus driving ad revenue back to Buzzfeed.

When an article is successfully written, it can become a sharable piece of information to add more views.

A marketer can see results from using the power of these list based posts to drive traffic back to his or her business website if the article is fun to share with others.

Sharing the top 10 lists is also a great way to interact with a specific audience that loves the written article.

Engaging with an audience is another factor that every marketer understands the importance of. Online communication between the customer and the seller develops a close relationship that turns the customer into a loyal buyer.

Top 10 Lists: Wrap Up

Writing a top ten list is a great way to market your information and help your business grow.

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