/Why Landscaping Companies Must Have A Well Designed Social Media Presence
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Why Landscaping Companies Must Have A Well Designed Social Media Presence

Nearly half of the current generation of soon-to-be homeowners uses social media to determine any purchasing decisions.

From clothes to beverages, to exterminators, every company has realized the potential sales that a good social media presence can unlock.

This means that landscaping companies should be following suit without hesitation.

Every social media channel requires a specific kind of voice and attracts a specific kind of audience member. It’s important to know what your goals are when building your profile and writing posts.

Whether they have people on your marketing team dedicated to social media or if they’re a little more DIY, landscaping companies can make a profit from social media.

Here are tips on how to promote your landscaping company on each major social media site.


Everyone working in today’s social media environment, from politics to fast food companies, knows the power of Twitter.

Currently, one in five adults uses Twitter. Most are under 50 and you’ll find these are more of your first-time homeowners.

Find a great image for your avatar. If you’ve got a small family company, use the face of your company. Otherwise, find a simple way to share your logo.

After your profile is set up, you can search for users in your area.

Connecting with users in your city and state will get the algorithm to match you up with more people in your area. This will help get your name out with other businesses and individual homeowners.

Once you get people to follow you back, write posts about what’s happening locally, relevant to landscaping companies. Most importantly, use the interactive aspect of Twitter to retweet other business owners.

This builds alliances.

When people interact with you, like and retweet them. Users will reciprocate and you’ll be reaching a wider audience every time!

Use Twitter to post something more than simple ads or promotions.

Remember to keep posts short.

You can also share articles about local events or landscaping tips.


Instagram is the most photography-centered of all the major social media apps. With its dizzying array of filters, location tagging, and video options, you can capture projects while they’re in progress and share projects you’re proud of.

Using hashtags, you can connect to other landscape companies and share ideas and techniques from across the globe.

Make sure that you choose your photos wisely to get your followers excited about your work. Connect Instagram to your other social media profiles to cross post and increase your follower count.

Keep your text short and let the images speak for you. Show the face of your team and stand out from other landscaping companies by letting your audience know who you are.


Facebook has a user base that numbers in the billions. It’s the absolute number one social media site that every company has to be using.

With the high number of users over 45 years old and earning more than $75,000 a year, it’s the place to be for landscaping companies.

Make a dedicated company page.

Just like other social media sites, link to other users to expand your audience and connect beyond your existing user base.

Facebook also has a powerful ad algorithm.

You can target users based on their interests, location, age, and other unique identifiers.

This gives small landscaping companies the opportunity to try out different ad techniques with low overhead.

Make a schedule of different types of ads you want to run based on the season and track your sales relative to the ad to see what works best.

Adding articles, survey, tips, and trivia will get potential clients to see you as an authority.

As video has become one of the most important aspects of social media, be sure you’re posting, reposting and creating short videos that inform viewers and build your brand.


LinkedIn is the number one social media site for business networking. If you’re looking to connect with corporate clients or local businesses, you’ll find LinkedIn particularly useful.

LinkedIn also has one of the most high-income user bases of any social media app.

Think beyond just creating an online resume. You can turn visitors into leads using their recommendations tool. Offer previous clients a discount if they write testimonials and you’ll see your brand authority skyrocket.

If sales hit a slump, you can use LinkedIn to generate leads.

Cold-calling isn’t as taboo on LinkedIn as it is on other sites. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a local business with some overgrown shrubbery and offer them a promotion.

LinkedIn also allows for writing and posting of longer articles from authorities in every field. Plan out a short 500-word post to write with landscaping tips every month.

People will trust you as a leading voice in landscaping.


If you’re targeting women with a higher-than-average income, Pinterest is the place for that.

More than half of users fall into this demographic.

Like Instagram, Pinterest is image based. Users collect images and ideas that have something in common.

Have you installed a unique vintage fountain in someone’s refurbished garden? Post it to Pinterest and tag it like other similar images are tagged.

Your image could be included in hundreds of different collections or “boards” made by users.

This way, when someone searches for a fountain, they’ll see your photo come up alongside other photos.

Check out De Carlo Landscapes for a great example of how to make your images pop.

The Future of Social Media for Landscaping Companies

The goal of working with social media can’t be direct sales. That kind of marketing doesn’t work, especially on millennial customers.

Through social media, you can create a personal connection with your potential customers and reach other customers through quality posting and relationship building.

The way to build brand authority in this networked environment is through social media. By building connections with your audience, you will become a trusted voice in the landscaping world and for some, the only name that they know.

Once you set up a strong profile, stay engaged with your audience post some well-edited images and watch the traffic come rolling in.