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How to Create a Great Adult Marketing Design

Creating a marketing design for your adult website isn’t easy.

The online adult industry is a niche market. Within that niche are several sub-niches.

However, great design is a universal concept. It is also a concept that many adult sites seem to struggle with, likely due to their high amounts of content. The attitude seems to be “Leads don’t care about website design as long as they can access the content.”

While it’s true that the focus of adult websites is content, the same can be said of every website out there. Content is what drives traffic to a site. Marketing design, however, is what turns that traffic into leads.

What Makes Great Marketing Design?

Many people think that having a nice-looking website with pretty colors constitutes “great design.” That is incorrect.

It’s true, great design requires the website to follow a certain form. But moreover, that form should serve a function.

When it comes to websites, marketing design should serve several functions.


The design in question should create in visitors the desire to take some sort of action. Generally, that action is joining a newsletter, leaving a comment, or making a purchase.

In the online adult industry, the desired action is usually buying a subscription, participating in a live feed, or accessing an escort’s company.

Regardless of what the action is, an effective design makes taking the action look desirable.


A staggering 72% of us suffer from financial anxiety. Financial anxiety puts us in a negative mindset where we think that spending any money freely is a waste.

There is also the stigma attached to visiting adult sites. Many feel bad about just visiting adult sites, let alone paying for services on them.

Plus, the Internet is ripe with scams. Some scams target adult product consumers due to the popularity of adult products. As a result, some leads may want to buy your site’s services but are hesitant to trust you.

An effective website marketing design eases that anxiety. It makes them trust you and feel good about buying your site’s services.


Part of easing leads’ anxiety is offering a fast, simple conversion method.

In the case of adult sites, conversion usually means making a payment for a service. Hitting “like” or “dislike” or commenting on a piece of content is also a common form of conversion on adult websites.

An effective conversion method is so smooth it almost performs the action for the lead. The idea is to entice visitors to convert before they decide to back out of the transaction.

Rules Of Great Marketing Design

In order to convert leads, you should follow certain rules of marketing design. Below are those rules as applied to adult sites.

Be Clear On Your Content’s Purpose

This rule seems like a no-brainer. The purpose of your site’s content is to make money, of course!

Well, yes and no. It’s true that making money is your site’s ultimate goal. However, all of your content serves as a specific conversion method.

For example, let’s say you run an escort site such as LOveSita or Slixa Spain. Your ultimate goal is to entice visitors into calling your establishment for an escort. Short-term, though, your goal is to attract as much traffic as possible.

A great strategy to attract traffic is implementing long-tail keywords on each escort’s profile. In the escort industry, appearance-based keywords and geographic locations reign king when it comes to online advertising.

Keep It Simple

Many times, adult sites feature gaudy layouts crammed full of content, links, and flashing lights. They are hard to view, let alone navigate. Many visitors simply leaving after viewing the piece of content that brought them to the site.

To keep people on your website, you need to implement a simple layout. Simple layouts are highly functional because people can find what they want easily on them.

Additionally, you can use the simplicity to highlight the actions that you want visitors to take. For example, a large button that says, “CHAT NOW” stands out against a simple layout.

Use Readable Fonts And Sizes

Nothing is more annoying than not being able to navigate it due to tiny or eligible lettering.

Adult sites are bad about turning to fonts such as Monotype Corsiva and other fancy-looking fonts. Likely their hosts feel that using such fonts makes visitors feel “fancy” and more at-ease about being on an adult site.

Unfortunately, fancy fonts are usually hard to read. You should choose an easy-to-read font such as Verdana or Times New Roman instead. Additionally, make sure your lettering is large enough for easy readability.

The goal is to make navigation so easy that visitors need only glance at the text to know what it says.

Use Appropriate Spacing And Alignment

Although visitors may be gunning for your content, you shouldn’t cram everything you’ve got into one space.

Too little space makes elements feel cramped and small. The illusion of small size will make it hard for visitors to identify their piece of content.

Poor alignment results in a jumbled mess of a webpage. Visitors won’t be able to tell if your site has finished loading, and they definitely won’t be able to find their content.

When they can’t find their content easily, they’ll leave your site and go to a competitor’s.

As such, use appropriate spacing and alignment when it comes to laying out your elements.

Pick Attractive, Complementary Colors–But Not Too Many

Again, many amateur adult sites overdo it when it comes to colors.

Having too many colors looks childish and will make your website difficult to navigate. Instead of focusing on content, visitors will find themselves distracted by all the colors.

Start with a base color–one that presents your website. Many adult sites pick red, purple, or pink due to their associations with passion and women.

From there, identify complementary colors to implement with your base color.

Finally, pick your background color. Many adult sites go with black as a background color as it highlights and brightens content elements.

Need More Marketing Design Tips?

At PSD Learning, we understand how important effective marketing design is for your website. We offer a variety of design tips and tricks for all website runners, from the beginners to the experts.

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