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7 Smart Logo Design Tips for an Adult Website

Are you building a logo for your adult website? You’d better be prepared.

Your logo is one of the most important elements of your business. It can decide how customers identify with your brand. But smart logo design is easier said than done.

That’s especially true for adult websites. Adult websites are faced with the difficult task of making their logo both professional and exciting. They also have to distinguish themselves from the competition without going overboard with sexually explicit images.

This may seem like an impossible task. But there are a few tips you can use to make your logo stand out.

Here are seven logo design tips you should use for your adult website.

1. Keep it Simple

Almost any designer will tell you that the key to smart logo design is simplicity. It’s one of the fundamental principles behind an excellent design.

Unfortunately, many businesses fail to take this advice. There’s nothing sexy about a simple design.

It can be extra tempting for adult website operators to try to make their logos exciting. As a result, they often get carried away and fill their logos with fancy designs.

You need a logo that is recognizable right away. Think about the biggest brands today – Apple, McDonald’s, Nike. They all have simple logos that are immediately identified by their audience.

Adult website logos should be no different. Keep your logo design simple and easy to remember.

2. Choose The Right Colors

Did you know color increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent? The colors you choose for your logo can have a big impact on your company.

Humans are built to have reactions to certain colors. You should take into account the psychological effect of your logo color.

For example, blue is one of the most common colors used in corporate logos. It conveys a sense of professionalism and organization.

It may be a great color for brands like Chase Bank or IBM. But what about adult websites? Not so much.

You want a bold color that elicits feelings of passion or energy. Colors like red, orange and yellow can bring forth those responses.

Make sure you pick the right color for your logo. You can also play with the shade to heighten or mute the response.

3. Make it Stand Out

It might seem impossible to keep your logo simple and make it stand out.

But you don’t have to go overboard to make your logo stand out. Smart logo design involves a lot of trial and error. Your first couple logo ideas are probably going to be generic.

How many times have you seen an adult website use an outline of a woman in their logo? These logos get the point of the website across. But they are far from memorable.

You need a memorable logo that resonates with audiences. Avoid the cliche. Put in the extra time to come up with something truly unique.

4. Use Other Brands

You don’t have to be a creative genius to come up with a good logo. There are plenty of other logos out there that you can use as inspiration.

You should do your homework by seeing what has worked for other big brands. Try to see what has worked for some of the most popular adult websites.

Your logo can still be unique and original. But you can incorporate design elements that have been successful for other similar sites.

Take Angels of London for example. This London Escort service used a gold-yellow color in their logo to convey a sense of warmth and energy. They also used a cursive typeface to add a touch of classiness and professionalism.

This would be a great source of inspiration if you want to portray your site as elegant and exclusive. But these design elements might not work if you’re trying to go for a broader appeal.

Consider your audience and find what’s worked for your competition.

5. Make it Readable

Yes, there are exceptions to this rule. Companies like Apple and Nike don’t need to use their names in their logo.

But readability is key for a vast majority of logos. You want to make a logo that clearly shows the name of your adult website.

Excluding the name or using a complex font makes it harder for people to remember your brand. You want a logo that is readable and identifiable at a quick glance. This is key to making sure people continue to come to your site.

6. Timelessness

Have you ever seen an old picture of yourself and thought “what was I thinking?”

We’ve all fallen for the latest fad. But your logo needs to stand the test of time. Timelessness is fundamental to smart logo design.

Design isn’t immune to trends and fads. But the best logos survive because they work in any decade. The most iconic logos have remained untouched for years.

Good logos also benefit from consistency. Changing your logo is like rebranding. You don’t want people to be confused or to stop visiting your site because of a logo change.

Resist the urge to make small tweaks to your logo. Invest in good logo creation at the start and your logo can reap rewards for years to come.

7. Get Feedback

All logos can’t be winners. But you want to make sure you have a good logo before you post it on your website.

You want to get feedback from designers, business associates, and even your target audience before committing to a logo. The last thing you want to do is isolate your website because of an offensive logo.

You don’t have to listen to everybody’s feedback. But get a large enough sample that you understand what the general response is to your logo.

You can also seek out the help of a professional designer or agency. They can use their expertise to help you make a meaningful logo.

Your Smart Logo Design

Making a good logo isn’t easy. But it’s achievable if you prepare and follow design tips.

Are you looking to make a logo for your adult website? We can help. Check out our design blog for more tips and tricks on logo creation.