/5 Design Trends Set to Impact the Finance Industry
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5 Design Trends Set to Impact the Finance Industry

Blockchain and other exciting fintech developments make the finance industry an exciting place to be in 2018.

With so much change and progress going on, having modern graphic design is key to the success of financial companies.

Read on to learn more about the latest design trends you can use for finance.

1. Typefaces Are Changing (Again)

Handwritten fonts were everywhere over the past couple of years. But the design trends for 2018 show a move towards geometric typefaces.

They lack serifs and straight lines or perfect circles make up the letters. It’s almost impossible for geometric lettering to look old-fashioned!

These fonts replicate the feel of technology or science, often looking futuristic in the process.

They’re also clear to read, making them an excellent choice for branding.

2. Bold Colors Are Key to Communication

Financial companies often default to using gray or navy blue in their designs. The colors symbolize steadfastness and trustworthiness – both qualities you want from finance.

But it’s possible to break away from such typical colors and design a palette that still says ‘money’ without being boring.

Sarasota Financial Advisor Hal Hammond uses dark green, literally the color of money, on his website. But it also has connotations of health, the environment, and harmony. All good colors for the finance industry to choose.

3. Turn Those Fussy Logos Into Clean Design

Finance companies are the worst offenders when it comes to fussy design. Flourishes or filigrees might give your logo an air of heritage and longevity.

But they also make it look out-of-date and even boring.

Ditch the swirls and antique touches in favor of clean lines and strong proportions. Pair it with a geometric font (see trend #1) for a modern, classy logo.

4. Make Use of Negative Space In Your Logo

Using negative space is an easy way to make your logos look cool and interesting. When the competition is using the same tired designs, yours will stand out.

Negative space is simply the space in between objects. You can hide images either between letters or inside them.

These designs always catch the eye and they’re a great way to show customers how up-to-date your finance company is.

5. Experiment With Hand Drawn Elements

With so much emphasis on clean design and geometric type, this trend may seem an odd one to include.

But finance companies can sometimes seem distant and unapproachable. If you want to woo customers, try a touch of hand-drawn design to add an element of humanity to your designs.

If you’ve ditched the antique flourishes from your logo, bring back the heritage feel with faux-engravings. They can look great in moderation, paired with strong photography.

Keep Up With Design Trends to Look Up-to-date

Following these trends is a good way to refresh your branding. You can help any finance company look up-to-date, modern and approachable by avoiding cliches or old-fashioned design.

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