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How to Design Eye-Catching Clothing Labels

Consider a clothing label a bow to your perfect gift package. It’s the finishing touch that gives an item its official identity. Without it, your clothing article isn’t as synonymous with its brand.

When creating a new label, you have to consider how it will appear on different products. It will have to go on a variety of clothing, so it should be versatile.

Your design has to not only be informative and easy-to-read but also appealing and eye-catching. There’s a lot to consider, so, here’s a beginner’s guide to designing effective clothing labels.

Types of Clothing Labels

It’s important that you understand the difference between the three types of labels. There are woven labels (which you’re most used to seeing), printed labels, and heat press labels.

As the name suggests, woven labels are actually woven into a product. They add a sophisticated touch to a piece of clothing and can be used on anything from tops to underwear.

Printed labels, on the other hand, are sewn on top of the clothing. They’re a bit more cost-efficient than woven labels.

Some manufacturers use a heat press to reduce irritation from labels. These are also cost-efficient, but they tend to wear away after some time.

Color is Everything

To design the most effective clothing labels, you need to use contrasting colors. So, for example, if you have a solid black shirt, it wouldn’t make sense to create a black label.

Even if you’re working with more vibrant colors, still use a contrast to balance it out. Yo Sox does a great job of this, by using a bright white on their line-up of colorful socks.

Also, avoid using lighter colors when possible since they can also be hard to read. You need to use bold colors so your label will clearly stand out.

Consider Size

You don’t want to bombard your customer with too much information. You’re working within a small space, so every character you use must be important.

Keep your copy limited to brand name and logo, size, product material, and one or two other elements. You could include care instructions, product origins, or maybe a slogan.

For Woven Labels Only: Types of Fold

If you’re going with a woven label, you also have to decide what type of fold will work best. A fold is essentially how the label will be woven into the product.

You can go with a flat label or end-fold, both of which lay flat on the clothing. You could also use a centerfold or book fold, so the label lies inward or outward (respectively) of the item’s center.

Let’s Wrap This Up

To run a successful store, you have to do more than just create nice clothing. You have to consider all elements of your brand – even the tiniest things like labels – and unify them so they complement one another.

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