/Starting Out: 5 Types of Landing Pages
Types of Landing Pages

Starting Out: 5 Types of Landing Pages

Brands that are consistent with their use of landing pages get 7 times the leads they otherwise would have. It’s a game of inches. The detail that you put into your landing page will decide the results that you receive. 

So, what is a landing page? It’s a web page that stands alone to serve a specific marketing purpose. 

You need to understand the different types of landing pages in email marketing and other types of digital marketing. We’ve got you covered if you need some landing page examples. 

Keep reading to learn bout the different types of landing pages and why they’re effective. 

1. A Paid Ad

You have to stick the landing with a paid ad landing page. This is one of the hottest sources of conversions. Optimizing your conversions will help to justify the cost of the ads. 

Hit the paid ad page out of the park with video presentations, live demonstrations, and breakdowns of your product or service. 

2. The Lead Capture Page

If your lead generator is the bait, the lead capture page is the hook. This is the page that collects all relevant information about your lead. 

This will include things like their full name, phone number, social media handle, and e-mail address. Include whichever methods of contact you deem most important. 

Simplify this page for your customer so that they don’t have to undergo any additional confusing steps. 

3. The Squeeze Landing Page

With this page, you’re only gathering a person’s e-mail address. These landing pages are more simplified and are critical to your e-mail marketing strategy. 

You have to provide incentives for a squeeze landing page to be effective. For instance, you might have a blog that you’re trying to monetize. You’ll need to build an e-mail list so that you can market to and study your followers. 

Consider offering a free e-book or service in exchange for their e-mail address. Use the squeeze landing page as the opt-in, and make sure to send your followers quality content as part of your e-mail marketing campaign. 

4. The Click-Through Landing Page

Seasoned marketers understand that you always provide value first. The click-through landing page is an effective way to do this. 

These pages offer standalone information that keeps people clicking. By the time they get to the end, they’re primed to make a purchase. Effective click-through landing pages require well-written content that is absolutely oozing with value. 

5. The Gratitude Landing Page

Never forget to say thank you! The gratitude landing page is arguably the most important. Anyone that has taken time out of their day to interact with your brand deserves a word of thanks. 

Personalize it to address the visitor, and make sure this page is pleasing to the eye and well-written. 

Principles of web design are crucial no matter which landing page idea you go with. Make sure you seek out pros that can put it all together for you. 

Explore the Different Types of Landing Pages

Knowing the types of landing pages will reap huge rewards for you. It helps you fine-tune your marketing strategies so that you get the results you’re looking for. 

Start with these tips and check out our other marketing and advertising articles for more.