/Make Your Pictures Pop: 5 Photo Tips for Social Media
Photo Tips for Social Media

Make Your Pictures Pop: 5 Photo Tips for Social Media

We take around 1.72 trillion photos every year. While not all of these are worthy of posting on social media, Instagram users share a whopping 1.3 billion images per day. 

But how can you ensure that more of your pictures make the cut? And what can you do to make your images stand out in a sea of relentless social media photos? 

Keep reading for some of the best photo tips to grow your following and get the IG crowd double-tapping!

1. Remember the Rule of Thirds

One of the most enduring photography tips is to follow the “rule of thirds” when deciding on the composition of your pictures. The rule encourages you to make the focal point of your image off-center. This creates balanced images with more visual appeal, as an off-center focal point works better to draw the eye in and help it take in the entire image. 

2. Shoot From Different Angles

Make sure to take a bunch of different photos of your subject, moving around and capturing it from different angles. Not least because you’ll have more flexibility when choosing a picture to post if you thought to play around with various perspectives. 

For example, you might have thought that shooting from eye level was the way to go, but you could change your mind when you see how your subject pops in a low-down shot. 

3. Add a Human Element

From natural mountain settings to impressive historic structures, landscape photos are always a winner. But adding a human element is what really gets the likes, saves, and shares. What’s more, social media photos showing a lone figure exploring the world remind us of the expansiveness of our planet in a way that’s guaranteed to make your followers stop and think mid-scroll. 

4. Use Negative Space

Many people make the mistake of making every photo in their gallery a close-up shot. The result can then feel very tight and claustrophobic, forcing the eyes away rather than drawing them in for more. While the odd close-up can work for certain subjects, you need to make use of negative space too. Although it seems counterintuitive, doing this will actually demand more attention to the subject.

5. Try Photo Editing Tools

As you’ll see if you have a look here, there are a lot of photo editing tips and tools out there to help and inspire you. Photo editing is a great way to bring out certain colors and concepts, or erase intruders from your near-perfect shot.

But remember, editing won’t turn bad shots into good social media photos. It will only make good pictures look more professional. 

Photo Tips to Grow Your Social Media Following 

Taking social media photos that help you stand out in the crowd can be hard. 

But, with these photo tips to guide you, it should now be a lot easier to find ways to make your pictures pop and your followers grow!

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