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Ideas From Awesome Graphic Designer Websites to Inspire Your Next Logo

Wondering how to make an iconic company logo? Why not get inspired by the best logo-makers in the game: graphic designer websites?

Logos matter – more than you might think. Having a recognizable logo can make the difference between customers choosing you or your competitors. What makes a great logo, and how can you come up with an innovative logo for your own brand? We’ve checked the top graphic designer websites for inspiration and put together the best tips here.

Read on if you’re ready to take your brand’s logo to the next level!

1. Contextual Logos

Today’s logos appear in many more different contexts than they once did. Now, there are online places like social media, in-person logos at your store or office, and merch sporting the logo. The best logos are responsive, meaning they can be changed based on the context while still staying recognizable.

Some companies might design an elaborate logo featuring their name, but also make a simplified version with just the initials, for example. This allows the logo to translate better across different contexts. Can you make your logo responsive while still clearly associated with the same brand?

2. Architectural Logos

Logos have used architectural design as inspiration for years, and today’s graphic designers often do the same thing. In fact, they’re finding new ways to make architecturally-inspired logos more innovative than ever before.

The physical space of a brand has always been an important part of that brand’s identity. From corporate offices to brick-and-mortar stores, architecture can change the way people see your business. Why not tap into that power with a logo, too?

The world of branding might be more digital than ever before, but that doesn’t mean physical spaces don’t have power. Find ways to capture the concepts of your brand’s physical location in the logo, and you’ll make your brand that much more recognizable.

3. Animated Logos

Many people will probably see your logo for the first time on social media. An animated logo is a great way to catch their eye as they scroll through.

As humans, we’re naturally inclined to pay attention to movement. A logo that moves will make someone pause and maybe even click over to your site. You don’t have to start from scratch – you might be able to animate your existing logo. Check out this website for more logo animation ideas.

4. Fun Logos

Does your logo have energy? Does it make people feel good when they look at it? This can make people much more likely to gravitate toward your brand.

People look for fun when they buy many products and services. If that’s an important aspect of what your selling, reflect it in your logo. Use anything from a playful cartoon character to an emoji-inspired logo to get the effect you want.

5. Metaphorical Logos

Many logos have a double meaning or metaphor hidden within. Today’s logos get even more creative with new ways to make metaphors. How clever can your design get? When people see a metaphorical logo, they feel like they’re seeing a hidden meaning, and that can make them feel special and smart. Once they associate your brand with feeling that way, they’re much more likely to come back as a customer.

6. Logos with Creative Typography

Many logos incorporate words. You might already know about some of the modern font trends: sans serif fonts and soft colors like Millennial pink have been big lately. But the new trends are moving away from this minimalism into more creative territory.

You can incorporate words into an image or modify a typeface to give it an experimental, interesting look. Sometimes, your customers don’t need to be able to see exactly what the logo says right away. Make an intriguing logo, and they won’t mind looking for a few minutes to decipher it.

Maybe your logo will “dissolve” into a picture, or show only parts of the letters. There’s no end to how interesting you can make a simple, type-based logo with these techniques.

7. Grid Logos

The grid is a pleasing, organized pattern that works well for certain logos. If you want to convey to your customers that your brand is reliable and organized, the grid can be a good way to do it.

Grid logos don’t have to be boring. You can use a grid at an angle, a partial grid, or offset a swirly typeface with a grid background. Just like a city with a grid layout, you can take the basic form into all kinds of different directions.

8. Layered Color Logos

Your logo needs to be easy to reprint on different mediums, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with colors. You can go subtle and abstract or bold and geometric with your colors. Color is a great way to evoke emotion, create a sense of light and shadow, and more.

9. Monogram Logos

Sometimes, you want to show that your brand is a classic. There’s nothing more simple, classic, and logo-appropriate than a monogram.

Use a beautiful, simple typeface to design a monogram that’s unique to your brand. It can include an image or just words, depending on what you prefer. With a logo this simple, you’ll also need to take care that the kerning’s on point. Otherwise, any small mistake will stand out.

10. Geometric Logos

Simple shapes can speak volumes in a logo. Triangles can great a sense of direction, functioning like arrows. Squares create an “inside/outside the box” dynamic. You can use words, but you don’t have to – many shapes can speak for your company well.

Ready to Use Inspiration From Graphic Designer Websites?

Searching the top graphic designer websites will show you some examples of how these trends have been used. Modern logo trends encompass a wide variety of strategies. No matter what kind of business you have, you’ll be able to find something that works for you.

Looking for some tips and tricks to help you design your logo? Check out this guide.