/25 Brilliant Wallpaper Tutorials

25 Brilliant Wallpaper Tutorials

I’ve compiled a list of the best Photoshop tutorials that teach you how to make really great backgrounds. All the tutorials here give a top quality final result and teach you some nice techniques. This should give you enough tutorials and wallpapers to last a while so give them all a shot and make sure you share the list if you like it!

iPhone Wallpaper

Colorful Collage Wallpaper

Rainbow Island Wallpaper

Colorful Apple Wallpaper

Glowing Girl Wallpaper

Album Art Wallpaper

Luminescent Lines Wallpaper

Green Apple Wallpaper

Rasta Calendar Wallpaper

Cartoon Animals Wallpaper

Dark Knight Wallpaper

Watercolor Type Wallpaper

Retro-Pop Wallpaper

Spray Paint Wallpaper

Cartoon Jungle Wallpaper

Windows Vista Wallpaper

Slick Fashion Wallpaper

StarCraft II Wallpaper

McCain vs Obama Wallpaper

Decorated Text Wallpaper

Atlantic Snowfall Wallpaper

Extreme Grunge Wallpaper

Glowing Lines Wallpaper

Retro Mustang Wallpaper

Frosted Glass Wallpaper