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5 Law Firm Logo Ideas That Are Clean and Professional

Does your law firm logo truly convey who you are? It should.

Otherwise, you could be losing out on a lot of potential clients.

If you feel that your logo doesn’t present a professional image, then you’ll want to read on to determine what you need to do to change or redesign it.

Your Law Firm Logo Needs to Be Clean and Professional

But what does that mean exactly? And how do you go about conveying professionalism in one small icon?

If you’re designing the logo on your own, you may want to take a Photoshop tutorial to get you started.

Then the following five ideas will help you create a logo that puts your law firm in the proper light and brings you the business you deserve.

1. Consider Your Colors and Fonts

Colors and fonts evoke emotions. So keep your colors neutral and your fonts clean.

Bright colors and swirly scripts are great for designing a logo for a store that sells keepsakes. But it doesn’t translate well to a law practice.

Some of the top examples of clean fonts right now are:

  • Walkway
  • Jalane Light
  • Collaborate
  • Engel Light
  • Sensation
  • Delicious
  • Mentone
  • Junction
  • Existence Light
  • Quicksand

This is just a sampling of ten fonts, of course. There are many others.

2. Don’t discount the power of symbols

They might seem overdone, but the use of symbols like the scale and gavel are still effective symbols that convey justice.

Another recognizable symbol is a column, such as the type you would find on the architecture of many court buildings. People connect this image to solidity and justice.

The use of a shield is another popular symbol, as they give the sense that you’ll protect your client’s rights.

Even using animals that represent justice, such as the bald eagle, can be an effective means for delivering a clean and professional law firm logo.

3. Demonstrate your expertise

Does your law firm specialize in a specific area such as personal injury, family, elder, tax, entertainment law, etc? Display your specialty with conviction.

For example, say you’re a car accident attorney. A simple logo that brings together two symbols (such as a justice balance overlaying a car grill) with your name printed in a clean font would immediately draw prospects who were recently in a car accident.

4. Keep It Simple

One of the easiest ways to design a clean and professional logo is to focus on simplicity.

Complicated logo designs are difficult to recall. Plus, they are prone to too many interpretations from prospective clients.

Another advantage of a simple design is that it will translate well when transferred to a business card, stationery or your website. A blurry over-designed logo on a business card does not speak to professionalism.

5. Get Inspiration from the Competition

It’s not illegal to take a look at your competitors’ logos. Pay extra attention to those competitors who seem to be attracting a lot of clients.

What are they doing with their logo that’s different from yours? What’s the same?

Obviously, you don’t want to copy their logo.

But you can study the elements in different logos that give them a clean and professional look to help you better understand what yours needs.

Armed with the above information, you can now embark on redesigning your own law firm logo. And don’t forget that Photoshop can be a big help!