/Health Services: Create a Brochure That’s Convincing
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Health Services: Create a Brochure That’s Convincing

Nowadays when people need information, they use the Internet. The days of using print media are slowly dwindling.

Search engines can provide answers in just seconds. Using the Internet makes data sharing much more convenient.

But, as a health services company, it’s important to use traditional means of sharing information. While brochures may seem like things of the past, they still hold a place in the health industry.

Read on for tips to create a brochure that is useful.

Benefits of a Brochure

Print media isn’t dead just yet. Despite the booming digital world, print media still stands as a $30.47 billion dollar industry.

So what perks do brochures offer?


Brochures are always available, as long as they are printed! On the flip side, Wi-Fi connections aren’t always available everywhere.

Let’s say clients are trying to get to the Biological Health Services website, but there is no Wi-Fi. The fix? The company provides brochures at its office.

With a brochure, clients can still get the information they need.

Client preference

At the same time, some people prefer hard copy materials. Having brochures available in the office provides:

  • Health information
  • Helpful health tips and tricks
  • Contact information for your office

Brochures are an easy way to market your health services at a low cost.

Are you ready to create a brochure? If so, keep reading for useful tips.

Tips to Create a Brochure That’s Catchy

Here are 5 tips to help you create a brochure that is useful for your clients.

1. Keep purpose in mind

When creating an effective brochure design, know the purpose.

Is the brochure advertising an upcoming health event? Is it providing health information about a certain topic?

Knowing the purpose will help to drive the design of the brochure. The purpose will drive colors, images, and the text.

2. Be creative

No one wants to read the ordinary three-fold pamphlet. Don’t settle for old-fashioned designs! Find a way to inject some creativity.

A design that is original will make your brochure stand out. No one will notice a bland brochure that blends into the office walls.

Incorporate your brand! Use colors that pop. Find a new yet useful folding technique for the brochure.

3. Use a call to action

A brochure is another way to market your business’ health services. Without a call to action, your brochure falls short.

This goes back to the purpose of the brochure. A nicely designed brochure only goes so far.

If you want your clients to do something, a call to action is a must.

4. Font matters

Aside from colors, fonts can also make your brochure more eye-catching. When incorporating fonts into a brochure:

  • Use no more than two font types
  • Use a serif font
  • Use styling for headings vs. text

Another important factor in font use is sizing. Ensure your brochure’s content is at least size 12 font. Otherwise, the text can be hard to read.

Helpful Design Tips

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