/3 Types of Graphics That Help Sell Plumbing Services
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3 Types of Graphics That Help Sell Plumbing Services

They say a picture tells a thousand words. But on the internet, a picture does a whole lot more than that.

Graphics are key in reaching customers and selling services. They reach out and grab the customer to show them what businesses want to say.

That’s all well and good. But let’s talk about what’s most important: conversions.

Adding different types of graphics (in the right place) can increase the number of visitors who stay on a site. The right graphic turns web traffic into customers.

But to increase conversions and grow sales, a site needs more than just good graphics. It needs the right types of graphics.

Here are types of graphics to commit to memory.

3 Types of Graphics

1. Icons

Icons are the building block of solid website design not because they’re whimsical. No, they improve user experience on your site.

Web designers use them two ways.

The first is to create a visual break in the content. It makes it more readable because it prevents daunting walls of texts from forming.

Second, they’re a visual reference for the text. A small icon reaffirms that the reader is looking at information they care about. The same icons can also be used elsewhere to bring the site together in a coherent way.

For example, web designers might use the icon in the text to break up the content. Then, they use the same icon again as a navigational element in the footer of the website.

How do icons sell plumbing services?

Iconography makes a site easier to use. User-friendly sites have lower bounce rates and lead to higher conversions.

2. Illustrations

Illustrations are a fun way to relay information to customers.

Custom illustrations can be used in the traditional style or in a more modern style.

Illustrators use them to tell a story about a company. Alternatively, illustrations can be used to tell a story about a customer.

For example, if a web strategy requires catering to the search term “what is backflow“, then an illustration can be used to describe both what causes the flow of water to reverse and what it looks like without using words.

3. Infographics

An infographic is a way to take complicated data, like a lot of numbers, and present it in a visual way that breaks it down into bite-size pieces.

People love infographics because they are simple, creative, and easy to share with others.

They’re the difference between having to scan through peer-reviewed research and grabbing the takeaways in picture format.

Businesses can use these types of graphics to explain complicated plumbing subjects or illustrate the financial benefit of having an efficient plumbing system.

The great thing about infographics is that they do the heavy lifting on two accounts. Not only do they convey information that sells plumbing services, but they’re also SEO friendly.


Using different kinds of graphics is essential for building a website that converts visitors into loyal customers. But cheesy, run-of-the-mill graphics need not apply.

Plumbers can use graphics to their advantage in both telling their story and boosting their SEO.

So, don’t be afraid to get creative. Paint a picture, tell a story, and be prepared to use graphics in a strategy to win customers.