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User Images

Since PSDlearning PRO opened I’ve been working hard on new features for members. I’m now introducing User Images; one more step towards a fully interactive PSDlearning. User Images lets you show off the result you achieved through one of the tutorials here. This feature is exclusively for members so get a free membership and read on to learn more about this and test it for me.

What is User Images?

Let me explain it, see the upload form below, well that lets you upload a jpeg file and will be present on all tutorials I post. So you would follow the tutorial and instead of just keeping the result you get to yourself you would upload it here. PSDlearning then resizes the images and posts the four most recent ones in the gray box with your name below it for everyone to see. This means that you can quickly get feedback from me and other users or just show people how talented you are.

What else do I need to know?

User Images is only for members only so if you’re not a member then sign up now. The maximum upload size is 2Mb which is loads but PSDlearning reduces the size of your image to 600×480 at the most anyway. Only jpeg images are accepted at the moment but I hope to get that changed so gifs are allowed as well. If you upload a second image for the same tutorial then it will replace the other one you uploaded. This is the beta version so it’s still very much in development which is why I made this post; before I make it available on all tutorials I need you to test it by just uploading some random images and also give me some feedback below.

Future Developments

I’m still planning to develop this after I make it available. Once I get the members profiles sorted out I’ll make the the name under your image link to your profile where others can see a few bits of info about you like your website and your biography. I’ll make a way so you can view previous uploads on a separate page other than just the four most recent. I’m also thinking about having a best image thing where I’ll choose what I think is the best one and maybe give them a spot on the sidebar for a week or a link to their site. If you have any ideas then post them belo