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Your Complete Guide on How to Make a Book Cover

Self-publishing is a booming industry. There was a 40% increase from 2017 to 2018 in the number of books that were published by the author!

While this shows that self-publishing is 100% doable, it also shows how steep your competition is.

Your writing is strong enough that it’s sure to hook readers once they crack the cover. The first step is calling their attention to your book, in the first place.

Read on to find out how to make a book cover that will stand out from the competition!

Write Down Your Inspiration

Before you take to the drawing board, consider your inspiration. A good book cover provides a peek at the essence of the book, which means that you should keep the contents of your book in mind.

Remember that it doesn’t have to be literal. If your book is about an old fisherman, you don’t have to include an image of him in the cover design. Abstract ideas can rely more on color or pattern to convey a certain tone or feeling.

Draft Some Book Cover Design Ideas

Chances are, you’re going to be stuck between a few ideas and won’t know which to choose until you see them all. Create a mockup of each of your favorite ideas.

You may even want to share these mockups with a friend or relative who is familiar with your book’s contents to get an outside perspective!

Remember that whatever you chose, it’s ideal to stick with it for at least a year. Popular books do get reprints with shiny new covers but the goal is to wait until the title, itself, is recognizable. Otherwise, people may not be certain that they’ve found the right book!

Include All Necessary Elements

Even if you’re going completely abstract, don’t forget that there are a few things that should always end up on a book cover. Make sure the title stands out and ideally uses the largest font in the design. Next, add your name or pen name in a font that is also bold and legible but doesn’t distract from the title.

Some people include a tagline or subtitle when designing a book cover, as well. However, this is totally optional. If that extra text makes the cover too cluttered or distracts from the imagery, consider putting it on the title page and leaving it off of the actual cover.

How to Make a Book Cover with Book Cover Design Software

So, you’ve got your idea in mind or maybe you’re still in search of some top-notch book cover ideas because you’re drawing a blank. Either way, it’s time to pick your book cover design software!

Look for software that fits your budget and your design skills. If you’re not experienced with things like graphic design, a template may be your best bet! Once you adjust the colors, the font, and the sizing, you’ll create something unique and no one will know that it came from a template!

Have Fun With It

When you’re learning how to make a book cover, you don’t want to overtax yourself with stress. As long as you like it and it speaks to the contents of the book, it’s great!

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