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Developing a Brand for a Pet Supply Store Through Design

A pet store is an extremely fun — and lucrative — business idea. After all, everyone loves animals.

However, with the sea of brands in the pet industry, how will your store stand out?

The secret to success is to develop a brand that will attract customers. You need to show the true passion behind the business. Get ready to learn some invaluable tips for brand development.

Developing a Brand that Fits

A brand is all the psychological factors that influence the customer.

In the pet industry, community and care are crucial. Don’t be afraid to share the personal stories behind the business. Get the company mission and vision out into the world.

Finding the Right Look

A good first step is to think about a few keywords that resonate with your business. Really take the time to come up with about three terms that define the brand. Then, build a Pinterest board for each term to form a clearer picture of what it looks like.

From this beginning brainstorming phase, a few key traits and even a color scheme may begin to appear for the brand.

Remember, it’s important to have a strong and consistent graphic design that accurately portrays your brand identity.

Once you know your brand, it’s good to have someone skilled generate a strong image for all marketing materials. These can include flyers, business cards, website, and store design.

Keep an Eye on Competitors

Next, look at leaders in the industry. Take careful note of any defining factors. What is their color scheme, font type, and what type of language do they use regularly?

This will help prevent you from borrowing too heavily from those that already exist.

It will also help you to generate inspiration.

Niche is Necessary

With so many businesses over-saturating the industry it is important to know your niche. A niche is a distinct service or product offered by a business that is notably different from the competition in the industry.

It’s important to recognize the key strengths that set each business apart from each other.

Maybe this new up-in-coming store idea has got the best turtle products around. Make sure to openly share what benefits the shop provides. People want to know what they’re going to be getting from shopping at one business over another.

Products with Purpose

From cat food to dog flea treatment, the supplies should speak to compliment the design. When striving for differentiation, consider choosing to stock the store with a particular type of product. Healthy pet foods and biodegradable chew toys, for instance.

Using the right pricing strategy is equally important. Having a low-cost focus will require vastly different products than using differentiation as a strategic advantage.

If cost cutting is needed, then off brand squeaky toys may be the best some budgets can muster. It’s okay if the overall experience is packaged well and creates a positive environment for customers.

There are always other forces at work than just the product qualities themselves that drive customer purchasing decisions. For pet supply stores it is particularly important that there is a healthy customer experience.

Final Thoughts

Developing a brand combines every aspect of a business and creates something that is felt by the customer. It requires consistency across all aspects of the company to culminate in a successful final product.

With these tips and a bit of time, a business can build a brand that thrives as a role model for any other entrepreneurs hoping to bring the magic of their dreams to life.

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