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5 Trendy Personal Planner Design Ideas

Organized people tend to be more successful and, as a result, personal planners are making a comeback.

Studies show that 80% of people who consider themselves to be organized believe it enhanced their work performance. In addition, organized people feel in control, have high-energy levels, and are extremely motivated to succeed.

Organization is not a trait that people are born with and can certainly be acquired through routine. The case for organization is clear and a personal planner can help you attain an organized lifestyle.

Not only are personal planners effective, but designing one can be fun too. Read on to explore 5 ideas for a trendy personal planner design.

1) Best Planner Design of 2017

The best personal planner design this year was created by A Type of Inspiration. The product itself is appealing because it can be downloaded online and printed so the consumer can have it immediately.

The planner features a simplistic design with rose gold cursive lettering displaying the date and day of the week.

As far as trends go, simplicity is in with a touch of elegance. This is exactly the design that A Type of Inspiration gave its consumers.

2) Water Colors are Hot Right Now

Webster’s Pages has a great planner design that utilizes water colors. The line is called Color Crush Planners and features a beautiful, colorful design.

Color Crush Planners are extremely elegant, featuring enlightening imagery and inspirational color designs.

At the same time, Webster’s Pages does not lose sight of the organizational element. This planner gives consumers both weekly and monthly pages, as well as pretty dividers.

3) Modular Designs for Different Careers and Genders

Some companies are gearing product lines towards specific genders and marketing it accordingly. This makes perfect sense for product lines that are both elegant and chic.

The kitlife daily planner is designed to match a female’s mood, style, and career. To accomplish this, some planners are utilizing a modular design that allows consumers to purchase different add-on pages that are unique to a career field.

For example, add-on pages are available for specific career fields like teachers and financial managers.

4) Cool Dividers are in Style

The hottest trends in organization do not include just planners. Instead, many designers are turning their attention to dividers.

Becky Higgins, for instance, is selling some really trendy planner pages and dividers. These items follow the same formula as the planners at large; they are simple, elegant, and colorful.

At the same time, the planners and dividers optimize the organization experience.

5) Personalized Planners for a Custom Touch

There is also some movement on the personalization side. People enjoy products that are personally tailored.

Nothing says “it’s mine” more than a planner with a name on the cover.

Wrapping It Up

Organization is a proven method to getting ahead in a career or to simply make life run smoother. Personal planners can be cool too, and there are a number of great designs available for purchase.

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