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How Website Design Helps Rehab Marketing Efforts

Look at your rehab clinic’s website. Is the website user-friendly with an impeccable design?

If not, you should consider updating your website. One of the ways you can easily boost your business is having a beautiful and well-performing website.

When someone finds a rehab clinic for their loved one, they want to know they’re in good hands. An ugly and ill-performed website does not convey that a rehab clinic is professional and supportive.

Don’t think you need to know the intricacies of web design. There are easy ways to increase your rehab marketing efforts with a beautiful website. Read on and find out why.

What a Good Website Tells Patients

Rehab marketing makes it easy to find your clinic. All a prospective patient has to do is search for rehab clinics in their local area. And chances are, patients are looking at your website before contacting you.

First impressions matter. This is why you need to deliver great website results.

A great website gives you power over your competition.

It tells patients they can trust you. Your patients will likely be living in your facility — a clean and professional building is imperative to your rehab clinic, and your website should convey this same message.

Your web design should be minimalistic but appealing. But most importantly, your website should have incredible UI/UX (user interface/user experience). Your patients need to find your address, phone number, and services you provide.

You know you have the best rehab clinic. But you need to convey this to your patients.

What Patients Want in a Rehab Website

So now you understand why a great website is essential for effective rehab marketing. But what do your patients want? While all patients are different, there are specific factors a prospective patient looks for in a rehab clinic.

Here are the key points and how to implement them on your website:

Your Expertise and Experience

Patients are trusting you to become sober. Therefore, they want to know who you are. Chances are, you have multiple staff members at your clinic. Include bios of each staff members and how they help patients achieve sobriety.

Be honest about qualifications. List those who have certifications and advanced degrees.

If you have volunteers or engage in special programs, make note of this on your website. Are any former patients still involved or volunteer at the clinic? Mention this — it will make patients feel more comfortable.

For the clinic as a whole, state how long the clinic has been in business. You can even include success stories and reviews.

This information establishes the credentials that patients trust. These rehab marketing efforts will show patients you’re reputable and trustworthy.

Who You Treat

Addiction is a versatile disorder. One patient can be addicted to gambling while the next is addicted to prescription drugs. Always mention which addictions you treat and if you have any specialty in treating a certain addiction.

You can promote your website as an alcohol rehab clinic or you can offer services for any kind of addict.

How should you display this information on your website? If you have a specific niche, promote this on your homepage.

If you have expertise in treating multiple forms of addictions, have a separate page that explains what you treat, who will be treating patients, and your reason for expertise.

Contact Information

Let’s say you reeled in the patient. Now they need to contact you and tour the facility.

Make sure your contact information is listed on the website. Include the clinic’s address and email. You can offer a convenient messaging box so your customer can immediately contact you.

We do live in a digital age but don’t ignore the classic ways of communication. Always list your phone number — you would be surprised how many people would rather speak to someone on the phone rather than through email.

Where should you publish this information? Always have it visible on your homepage. You can have an additional ‘contact’ page to be sure patients know how to contact you.

Web Design Tips

Now that you know what customers are looking for, you can start designing your website.

Are you planning on hiring a pro or handling the design yourself? While a web designer will deliver incredible results, there are tips an amateur can handle.

Keep it Simple

A rehab clinic website doesn’t need fancy fonts and crazy effects. Keep your design simple. The key points to a great rehab website are clarity and visibility.

If you opt to handle the website yourself, find free or cheap themes and layouts. You can even use the single-page website design for further simplicity. You can also look for web design trends to help you choose the perfect design.

Always Update

More than the design itself, updating the website is the most vital aspect of your website. This boosts website performance. If your server notifies you of any updates, immediately update. Or, set your account to auto-update.

Don’t forget about content. Keep updating your content when your clinic goes through changes. Maybe you hired a new staff member or offer a new service. Immediately add this new information to your website.

Maintain Consistency

Nothing turns off a patient more than lack of consistency. What if your homepage was neutral and you made your contact page neon red. Does that define consistency?

A design best practice is maintaining consistency. If your homepage is neutral-toned, each page should be neutral-toned.

Your content should also maintain consistency. All writing should be error-free and readable. Any images should be high-res and any video should be professional quality.

Increase Rehab Marketing with a Great Website

The most important aspect of your clinic is tending to your patients. Convey this message through your website. You don’t need to be a pro web designer to create a beautiful and effective website for your rehab clinic.

Your website is your clinic’s first impression. And your website may make up the entirety of your clinic’s image. Make sure the design, user experience, and content are all intriguing and updated.

If you need more web design help, check our resources.