/4 First-Place Templates for Horse Racing Blogs
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4 First-Place Templates for Horse Racing Blogs

Who doesn’t love to come in first place when it comes to anything to do with horse racing? If you own existing horse racing blogs or are thinking about starting a few, there is major money to be made in the industry.

With the right template and design, you may make huge financial gains from bettors around the world. In Japan alone horse racing is a $22.5 billion industry.

Successful horse racing blogs have a few things in common. They provide consistency, quality information, and keep their readers coming back for more.

But if you want to stay ahead of the pack you need to look great too. Use one of these 4 templates and you’re sure to win the race for visitors:

1. Refined Rodeo Club

In the global market of racing blogs, you want to make sure your content is multilingual and adaptable for different language and countries. Refined Rodeo Club will help you keep up with your readers no matter where they are.

This template for WordPress allows bloggers to customize posts and typography with a wide range of options.

2. EliteBreed Equestrian

EliteBreed for WordPress lets you customize widgets and choose from multiple layout options.

You can provide a showcase for insider knowledge easily with this sort of design. After all, what’s more important than offering tips and techniques your competition doesn’t have when operating racing blogs?

Whether you want features like Betting Gods Nicky Henderson Stable Tour or showcasing the best odds, your template needs to highlight your unique features.

3. Horse Responsive Website Template

You aren’t limited to WordPress for your horse racing blogs. For bloggers and small business owners who prefer different platforms Horse Responsive is a great answer.

Complete with stock photos and responsive design, this template will look great across all platforms. You need to be able to keep up with the horses as well as your growing audience.

The responsive design of Horse Responsive will keep your readers happy across mobile, desktop, and tablet devices.

4. Manelity

if you’d prefer to focus on mobile app outreach for your racing blogs then Manelity is a great template to use. The tools are optimized for mobile and you are bound to grow your audience of horse racing enthusiasts on the go.

Make sure you keep the graphics lively with this mobile approach. You can borrow tips from graphic design experts to keep your readers coming back for more with great visuals.

Horse racing news needs to be current. The mobile focus lets you keep your readers up to date with the latest news.

Horse Racing Blogs Pro Tip: Don’t Stop At The Template

How many times have we been up out of our seat watching our favorite pony in the home stretch only to watch them trail off at the end? Don’t miss out on a strong burst to the finish line with horse racing blogs either.

Beyond your template, you need to make sure you are optimizing your images for SEO.

Not sure how to make the most of your blog images? Click here now for pro tips on how to optimize images for SEO.