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How to Create Real Estate Graphics for Social Media

The search for the perfect home has drastically changed in the last two decades. In today’s market, 90% of buyers search online during the buying process.

That makes the website design for your Real Estate business more important than ever. But just having a website isn’t enough these days.

Creating an interactive and engaging social media presence is just as vital to the success of your Real Estate business as your site.

Here are some ways to easily create killer Real Estate graphics to share on your social media accounts.

Tools for Creating Real Estate Graphics

If you’re a stellar Real Estate agent, but a terrible graphic designer, don’t panic.

You can still get the visuals you need to engage your prospects.

While Photoshop is the most popular and mainstream graphics/photo editing software, it’s not the simplest. It takes some specialized knowledge and familiarity to create great graphics from scratch with PhotoShop.

Here are some more intuitive ways to create your own Real Estate Graphics.


Canva is a simple tool that helps entrepreneurs create and customize their own graphics from pre-designed templates. The templates are clean and crisp. You can make them your own with easy drag-and-drop technology.

The templates are designed with SEO in mind, so they’ll help your graphics perform well.


PiktoChart will help you make awesome infographics that quickly engage your followers. Infographics help your audience to grasp a complicated concept quickly. Plus, they lend credibility to your business.

Check out PiktoChart to make simple infographics to share on your social media accounts.


Pixlr isn’t new to the graphics creation game. It is similar to PhotoShop, but a little simpler.

You can edit your own photos, use one of their templates, or edit a stock image. You can easily create collages or add filters and overlays to images.

Pixlr will help you make professional-looking graphics without the cost of hiring a professional to do it for you.

Remember Your Audience

Location, location, location: it’s not just an important adage to remember when buying properties. It also applies to your social media strategy.

If you’re sharing an image or graphic on Twitter, it will reach a different audience than an image on a 2,000-word blog. It’s important to realize who you’re reaching through your different social media platforms.

If your target is to sell homes in the $400,000 range, then create graphics that consistently target that audience.

Always keep your prospects in mind.

Consider Your Logo and Your Image

Before you start building graphics, remember your logo and your image. You want to present a united front about who you are.

Check out sites like https://www.whistlerpremier.com/whistler-condos for an example of a Real Estate company that knows their image and their brand. All of the listings on that page have a consistent feel and look to them.

You can also read up on famous real estate blogs, like EpicRealEstate.com, for more examples and advice.

Wrapping Up

When you present solid real estate graphics within a clear niche, people are more likely to trust your brand and give you their business.

If you need any help building awesome graphics for your social media accounts, check out these resources.