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5 Strategies to Boost Your Rent to Own Listings

Most home buyers today are using the internet to search. According to a report from Google, 53 percent of home buyers will begin their search online.

Does your listing rank high enough?

If you’re selling a home, you want to make sure your listing gets the attention it needs.

SEO is the key to boosting your rent to own listings so that potential customers will see it. Use these key strategies to have great real estate SEO, and yours will stand out among other rent to own listings.

Get started with these SEO tips today!

5 SEO Secrets for Rent to Own Listings

1. Think Local

Targeting keywords are essential for SEO. When it comes to real estate, you’ll want to be sure you are targeting local keywords in particular.

Most people aren’t just searching for a home anywhere – they’re searching for a home in a specific location. Make sure to focus on having the name of the city and neighborhood in your listing.

Make a list of local keywords to target, and you’ll be able to help the right buyers find your listing.

2. Try Blogging

Having blog posts helps any site rank higher on Google. You might try writing a blog post about your home for sale to help boost traffic by giving searchers more information.

Use the location’s address as the keyword, and make sure to write at least 200 words about the home and location. Longer, more informative posts are considered more valuable by Google.

3. Focus on Photos

Photos and videos will always help boost posts in Google searches, but they’re especially critical for real estate listings.

Potential buyers want to see photos of where they could be living, and even have the option of taking a video tour.

You can also get video testimonials if you have previous buyers who would like to talk about their experience. Anytime you sell a home, try to take the opportunity to get a testimonial right away.

4. Optimize for Mobile

It’s not just that most buyers are looking at homes online – it’s that most buyers today are looking at homes online from mobile devices.

If your listing looks great on desktop, that won’t help the many people who are searching rental ads and homes for sale on smartphones and tablets. Use a responsive website design to ensure that your listing shows up correctly.

5. Add Social Media

If you have an active real estate social media presence, be sure to add links to your site, and post actively on social as well. This helps make you look more trustworthy in the eyes of customers, and helps you connect with potential clients.

Ready to Boost Your Listing?

If you want your real estate or rent to own listings to get noticed by customers, you can’t ignore SEO. Fortunately, it’s easy to boost your SEO when you follow these easy tips.

Give customers what they want by adding photos and interesting content, making your site easy to view on mobile, and getting active on social media. When you connect with more customers by making yourself easy to find on web searches, your listing can be much more effective.

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