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How Color Shapes Good Insurance Branding

Studies in color psychology have found that we perceive a certain amount of “appropriateness” when connecting a color to a brand.

In fact, we now know enough about how color affects the mind to make informed decisions when tackling tough marketing initiatives like insurance branding.

Some industries have it easier than others when it comes to marketing approaches. For the insurance industry, however, visual branding can be quite a challenge.

People buy insurance to protect themselves when unpredictable or uncontrollable things happen. But most people also hate having to spend money on insurance. This customer dynamic makes it essential for an insurance agency to instill a sense of stability and trust in its customers.

But evoking sentiments like trust, sympathy and even empathy is hard to do through the creation of a logo or slogan alone. The use of color and color psychology needs to come into play.

Today, we’re discussing a few ways that color can make all the difference in your insurance brand.

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Insurance Branding: Taking Color into Consideration

The colors used in an insurance agency’s logo directly impact how the public will feel about the company. To form a baseline, let’s look at some common colors and the associations that come along with them.


The most eye-catching color, red is associated with strength and energy but can also signify aggression and defiance.


We connect yellow with confidence and creativity. It’s also another eye-catcher.


Calmness, trust, and intelligence are all common associations with the color blue.


Green signifies reassurance and peacefulness. Green is also now connected with environmental health.


Warmth and security are felt in orange, but some associate the color with immaturity and frustration.

This list provides a very basic insight into how our minds interpret color. But you can see right away which colors may be more appropriate in insurance branding. The best insurance companies are taking these color concepts into consideration and applying them with much success.

Choosing the Best Color Options

If we consider a few points, we can better understand how color shapes insurance branding.

First, understand that people associate the need for insurance with events that can be catastrophic or traumatic in nature. Second, consider that many people have a negative view of insurance companies.

That being said, blue and green would be great choices for an agency logo. These colors are associated with trust and reassurance. These are two things that potential customers want out of an insurance agency.

Doing a quick Google search for top insurance agency logos will back up this idea. Blue and green are certainly the two most common colors used.

Now, this is not to say that other colors won’t work and shouldn’t be considered. In fact, yellow is a great color for catching the eye without overwhelming the reader. And grays are often used to create texture in logos.

Yet, to establish that baseline of trustworthiness, blue and green are two colors you can’t go wrong with.

Shaping Your Branding Campaign with Great Design

Color has undoubtedly helped shape the marketing approach for all industries. We can no longer simply pick our favorite colors to represent our business. We have to take color psychology into consideration to stay ahead of the curve.

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