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5 Helpful Office Tools for Your Design Business

There are a number of design office tools that can improve productivity and employee morale.

For example, adding a second display will improve worker productivity by an impressive 20 to 30 percent.

In the past, advanced technology for the office were viewed as luxuries. Times have changed and the perception is now that these office tools are important for output, convenience, and improved communication.

Read on to learn about 5 design office tools that will greatly enhance a business.

1) A Large Second Display is Truly a Must Have in a Design Office

Once an employee begins using a second display, there will be no return to a single one. These second displays can be as large as 28 to 32-inches.

In addition, they are relatively inexpensive given the immense productivity benefits. A large display monitor can be purchased for $300 to $400 each.

The reason display monitors are so popular is that they allow for ultra-efficient multitasking. An employee can work a fresh design, while referencing back to source material on the other screen.

2) A Conference Phone Will Bring the Entire Team Together

Conference phones are a critical piece of the telecommuting revolution. Polycom Conference Phones are a great addition to any office and available for $400 to $800.

Working from home would be impossible without it. The conference phone allows stakeholders from across the globe to dial into team meetings.

Working from the road would be less productive and communication more difficult. Conference phones allow employees to stay connected with headquarters and brief the entire team.

3) Invest in a Quality Printer

In order to provide the best product to clientele, a high quality printer is required. Especially in the design business, it is imperative for printed images to be of the highest quality.

For example, a business may be tasked with designing and printing brochures. The imagery on these brochures will satisfy even the most demanding customers with the right printer.

Printers are not an insignificant investment.  A top printer could cost up to $1000.

4) Telephone Headsets for Multitasking

The best businesses find ways to maximize productivity and allow employees to multitask. A telephone headset for each employee will do exactly that.

With hands-free communication, employees can continue talking on the phone while working on designs.

Despite being a lower cost individually than a printer or a display monitor, collectively it will be a substantial organizational expense.

Depending on how many employees belong to the business, the expense could be in the thousands.

5) Take the Office to the Next Level with an Office Automation System

The final piece of the puzzle is office automation. There are many different components to office automation including lighting, sound, cameras, heating, and cooling.

The investment price will be substantial, however, it will pay for itself in the long run due to the energy efficiency savings.

Investing in Design Office Tools will Improve Business Operations

Ultimately, the goal is to increase employee productivity and morale. These office tools will make even the best designer better at his or her job.

If there are questions on which office tools are best for a design business, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.