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3 Logo Design Tips for Your Orthodontic Office

As an orthodontist, you’re creating beautifully straight smiles for your patients.

And since more than a third of the population are unhappy with their teeth, it’s more important than ever that your orthodontic office has the edge over your competitors. 

Here are our top logo design tips to help your orthodontic practice stand out and attract more patients.  

Keep It Simple 

Focusing on simplicity is the most effective way to create the perfect logo for your orthodontic office. 

Complicated logos can be difficult to interpret and remember. This means that they often fail to create familiarity and connection with the brand. 

Another advantage of a clear and simple logo is that it can be used across social media and business cards without the size affecting clarity. A blurred, overcrowded logo on your business cards is unlikely to incite faith and trust in your brand from potential patients.

A limited color palette helps keep things simple and is easier to print too. Cooler tones such as green and blue help people to relax and also lead to associations with cleanliness and a sterile environment. 

Similarly, colors such as red and orange should be avoided as they can cause excitement and anxiety. And these are the last emotions you want your potential patients to associate with your practice. 

Make It Memorable 

Simplicity is key but your logo also needs to be memorable to stand out from the crowd. Many orthodontic practices incorporate teeth designs into their logo so you should try to avoid this cliché.

Instead opt for something more original, as Orthodontic Associates have done. Their logo shows their name is formed into a smile wearing a brace. It’s subtle yet creative and really makes it clear what their brand does best. 

Obviously, you should avoid copying other logos. But, taking a look at your competitors’ logos and the logos of some of your favorite brands can help you get a good idea of the type of logo you want. 

If you’ve decided to create your own logo then taking a Photoshop tutorial will help you to get started with the design process. 

Know Your Patients 

In the past your waiting room was probably full of nervous teenagers accompanied by their parents.  

However, research by the American Association of Orthodontists shows that 20 percent of orthodontic patients are adults. There has also been a sharp increase in the number of males seeking orthodontic treatment. 

Accordingly, your logo should appeal to this range of potential patients rather than concentrating solely on children and teens. 

Like teenagers and their parents, adult patients still look for reassurance and friendliness when it comes to their orthodontist. But, they are more concerned with professionalism and guaranteed results. 

Your logo needs to convey this professionalism so avoid cartoon-style animals or fonts. Anything too childish is likely to deter adult patients. 

Instead, present the name of your orthodontic office in a clear and readable font and keep it professional with a logo that appeals to all age groups. 

Create the Best Logo for Your Orthodontic Office

When designing a logo for your orthodontic office, the most important thing to consider is that it inspires trust and faith in your brand. 

A simple, memorable and professional logo ensures that your potential patients know that your focus is on the excellent service you offer them. 

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