/7 Tips for Promoting Your Realty Business
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7 Tips for Promoting Your Realty Business

One would think that promoting a realty business is easy-peasy. The home media and online listings do a majority of the work.

Not so fast.

People are keen with their research. This means they’re not swagged by the glitz and hyped promises.

There are about 40k+ real estate professionals across the United States. Thousands of realty businesses are competing. It’s only getting tougher due to fewer homes on the market.

How does a realty business stand out from others?

Let’s break down the promo strategies you could use to land new clients (and keep old ones in the fold).

Using Print to Promote a Realty Business

Print ain’t dead, baby.

In fact, it’s coming back in a big way especially since many businesses are flocking to web marketing. Meaning, there’s less competition in the print space. Plus, print services are marking down their prices.

Here are two essentials with print and promotion:

1. Brochures

Brochures are rather easy to create when using Adobe InDesign templates.

First, collect the important elements:

  • High-quality pictures
  • Home information
  • Contact details

Then, plunk the information and images into the template. There are thousands of these both free and paid. A bit of effort and your realty business will have a tangible item for prospects.

2. Business Cards

All entrepreneurs should carry a business card — you never know when someone may ask for one. Getting caught off-guard and referring them to a site is sloppy and forgetful.

Business card creation can begin with a template.

Services provided by VistaPrint or Moo have hundreds of premade templates. They also offer mocks usable with Photoshop and InDesign.

The card should have the basics:

  • Logo
  • Name
  • Contact

Don’t overthink it but get creative. The point is to make the sale while talking and use the card as a commitment to follow up.

Leaving a stack at local businesses or conferences for easy promotional efforts.

Using Web to Promote a Realty Business

The Web takes all those great efforts put into print and cranks it into overdrive.

An online platform will use many similar elements but with a layer of interactivity. This double downs on promotional efforts that will help create a wider reach in the market.

Here are two web-related promos you need to get going:

3. “Free Line” Website

An interactive realty website is one that emphasizes the use of strong copywriting. It will include stunning imagery and gripping video.

It’s one that uses personal branding to develop trust with the audience. See here for an example.

There’s a concept called “pushing the free line”.

The “free line” to web design places cornerstone content at the center to convince and convert. It provides so much value that a visitor has no reason to look elsewhere during their research.

Of course, the site should also include:

  • Attractive, mobile-first design
  • Contrasting CTA links/buttons
  • Opt-in and contact forms

The site benefits when it matches the businesses’ culture and personality.

4. Social Media

The three platforms that matter:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Facebook will be the central hub since it has the largest userbase. The platform has a robust advertising service allowing you target key metrics. Plus, pages make it easy to keep individuals informed.

LinkedIn is great for making connections with the those handling the business transactions. One could use the platform to share content to build brand awareness.

Twitter is best for quick interactions such as with customer service. Though, it’s worthwhile to sprinkle in promotions here and there.

In all, promotional purposes should come paired with sharing great content and conversations. These touchpoints will lead parties back to your site or have them contact you.

Using Video to Promote a Realty Business

Video will account for 80% of all consumer traffic by 2019 — how crazy is that?

This isn’t a matter of “if” but a question of “when” to begin using video as part of your promotional efforts. That when… is now.

Here are the three remaining promotional strategies to top off our list:

5. Video Reviews

Video reviews do two things:

  • Delivers a sincere experience
  • Creates a referral opportunity

Video reviews enjoy its personalization. A viewer can pick up subtle tones and mood. This creates empathy. The empathy becomes a turning point in their buying decision.

Also, each shared video could include links back to the website or social pages. These are beneficial for search rankings and lead generation.

Include these videos on your social media profiles and website.

Try creating one by screen recording when talking to a customer through a video sharing site. Then, add design effects during editing to increase engagement.

6. Drone Tours

Video drones are available for under $200. This price point makes the perfect videos to show off the home both inside and outside.

These gizmos can produce high-quality videos used for the website and YouTube channel. They are content pieces for Facebook or sending to potential clients, too.

Check out this drone videography guide to get started.

7. Facebook Live

Facebook live has several promotional benefits:

  • Q&A
  • Tutorials
  • News

You could use the live video the same as pushing the “free line” by sharing great info about real estate.

Wrap helpful information around the promotion much like you’d do with a presentation. Use content as a reason people tune in. But, pepper the live video with call-outs and call-to-actions to visit your site or get in touch.

Live videos are then added to your Facebook ‘Videos’. These videos are then used on your website or as an archive that will keep pushing the promotions.

In-House or Outsource: Decisions, Decisions

It’s not difficult to create these promotions with Photoshop and the right tools. If you can at least develop a brochure then you can use much of that creative and copy for the dynamic website.

Else, leave it to the professionals by outsourcing these promotional items. Provide an outline and talk with providers about goals to make sure everything aligns. Then, let them work their magic.

In all, these promos get to your market without relying on basic media and realty listings. It creates new touchpoints to interact with your leads — the type of interactions that will lead to sales.

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