/4 Creative Design Tips for Your Photo Blanket Business
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4 Creative Design Tips for Your Photo Blanket Business

Do you love helping people create long-lasting keepsakes of their cherished memories? Do you have a passion or creativity that you want to channel into a career?

If so, starting a photo blanket business could be the perfect job for you. Everyone loves to be comfortable, and everyone loves reminders of their favorite memories.

They’re relatively easy to make, and best of all, you can make a decent profit from them!

Here are some quick tips on how to get those creative design juices flowing.

1. Look At What Others Are Doing

As a photo blanket designer, you’re going to face a lot of competition. But make no mistake, this isn’t a bad thing. Check out what others are doing to get a feel for what’s selling — and what isn’t.

There are tons of design tips you can take away from just browsing a site for a few minutes. For instance, take a moment to browse the site for The Memories Place.

Their homepage features everything a customer would need to know about. It details the entire blanket-ordering process, in addition to testimonials and templates.

2. Create a Great Logo

Here comes your first creative test: making an effective logo. This is one of the most important steps in starting a business, as it dictates how your brand will be perceived.

If you’re new to logo creation, you may feel intimidated. However, there are tons of great tools you can use to make your branding stronger and more recognizable.

Text with colors is great. But text and color with effects are far more likely to stick in your audience’s mind. Be sure to take advantage of text effects.

Things like 3D text or just a bit of shadowing can do a lot to make your logo stand out. The more creative you get with your logo, the more memorable it’ll be.

3. Get Minimal

You may feel tempted to make your site and products look as busy as possible. And while this is certainly an option, it isn’t going to be as effective as you likely think.

In fact, minimalism is one of the most popular creative design trends right now. There’s just something more elegant about an understated design, and your customers are likely to agree.

Your site doesn’t need to be filled with text and images. Instead, try and take a less is more approach. Your copy should be concise and only use photos that make sense.

4. Always Keep Learning About Creative Design

Finally, a good student of creative design understands that design is always changing. Accordingly, make sure to keep up with the latest blogs and design trends.

Business owners never stop learning. And if you want to succeed, you’ll need to take a similar approach. Yes, it will require a bit more time and dedication, but your business will be all the better for it.

Creative Design Matters

Starting a photo blanket business isn’t easy. With these tips, you’ll have a fantastic, well-designed site that’s ready to impress.

And whether you’re a Photoshop expert or a newcomer, be sure to access our free resources and tutorials.

You’ll be helping people create fantastic blankets in no time!