/Improving SEO: How Effective Are Backlinks?

Improving SEO: How Effective Are Backlinks?

If you want your website to reach the top spot on Google Search then you need to understand how SEO works.

The key to improving SEO is the quantity and quality of links to your web pages. According to Google, they indicate if your content matches your keywords or whether it’s spam

Read on to learn all about the best SEO link-building strategies and discover how a back link building service can improve your position.

What Are Backlinks?

Inbound links, incoming links, one-way links, and backlinks amount to the same thing. They’re links from one website to another and they play a major part in SEO.

Google looks at each backlink as a ‘vote’ to whether the receiving webpage has any merit. Generally, the more backlinks the higher the ranking on the SERPs.

It dates back to the PageRank system designed by Google’s founder Sergey Brin.

He wanted to determine which sites actually provided good content and not spam. Backlinking offered a signal of quality and that continues into Google’s algorithm today.

What Is Link Building?

How do you create backlinks to your pages that Google will find and reward you for?

Unlike technical SEO or even content creation, backlinking requires its own strategy. In essence, you need to ask permission from other website owners to add links to your site. And not just the home page but pages that relate to the content on the referral page.

This is a time-consuming process and knowing where to begin is the first difficult task. That’s why website owners employ an SEO link-building specialist to assist them.

Best SEO Link Building Strategies

Imagine you have a small business website and want to attract customers in your local area.

Specialist SEO companies have experience with local link building in your industry. They will:

  • Submit your page links to business directories
  • Partner with related trade-based organization websites
  • Network with local bloggers

Additionally, they will manage citations that mention your business online.

For example, if you change address, the SEO company will update all related data and links. They will also optimize your keywords for local search terms to encourage other websites to link to you.

Global Link Building Services Warning

You might be thinking that the more backlinks you have the higher the ranking. If you pay someone to build you thousands of links you’ll be #1 on Google Search in no time!

Google disagrees.

The search engine giant values quality and user experience over everything. Sites that intentionally ‘cheat’ by building fake links will get penalized. Google abhors spam and doing so could get you thrown off of its index, so beware.

Improving SEO Link Building

The best way to improve SEO backlinking is by hiring the right specialist with a proven track record.

Do they offer local SEO services for your industry type? Can you view the live results of their work?

Here’s a tip for viewing all backlinks to any web page. Open Google and enter link:www.yoursite.com and replace yoursite.com with your URL.

Google will display all the links to that page and if the figure returns as zero then you have some work to do.

More SEO Tips and Advice

Creating quality backlinks is key to improving SEO for your website.

Build quality links as much as possible. Hire a specialist to do this for you with a proven record. Then watch your SERPs position rise.

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