/5 Graphic Design Trends That Are Hot In The Health Industry
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5 Graphic Design Trends That Are Hot In The Health Industry

In order to set your company apart in the health industry, you need to be following recent graphic design trends.

While health and wellness are priority number one, great graphic design gives clients a feel for what you’re about.

Think about how we associate social media with a lowercase “f” and creative computing with a half-eaten apple.

Graphic design, when done right, can link an entire concept with a simple image.

To keep your brand fresh and cutting-edge, try following these 5 graphic design trends in the health industry.

1. Grittier Photography

With P90X and Crossfit taking over the gym world, we’re seeing their style of photography everywhere. Gritty, candid photography is becoming more prevalent even in softer boutique gyms like Equinox.

Think about ways your company can benefit from close up, documentary-style images.

Depending on your brand, these images can depict strength, sincerity, and straightforwardness in a way that is refreshing to your clients.

Try different effects to get that gritty style that fits your brand.

2. Modular Design

For some consumable products and medications, the trend of modular design is taking off.

Using grids and color transitions, this can break up long blocks of text into easily consumable chunks.

Use this if you want to create a hierarchy of information and make mundane images pop.

Combine it with parallax scrolling for a concept of depth.

For one example of a modular parallax design, look at www.saferstdtesting.com.

3. Color Transitions

Gradients or color transitions are everywhere. They can make something like the Instagram logo look bright and bold and, when used black to gray, can make a simple black image look modern and sleek.

For more info on how to design using a gradient, see our tutorial on snowboard design.

4. Cinemagraphic Images

Cinemagraphic images take what looks like simple still images and add a bit of hypnotic movement. They take a still photo and add subtle motion that catches the eye and keeps viewers looking at a site a little longer.

So much in sales is staked on how long you have a potential client’s attention. This makes cinemagraphic images a remarkable trend that is taking off fast.

By bringing your images to life, you can get your clients to see your product as part of their world.

5. Minimalism

Sometimes your product speaks for itself.

Using this graphic design trend can hammer that concept home.

By adding simple text onto a solid color background, brands are able to set themselves apart from other, more flamboyant brands.

Simplicity and intentional white space and be quiet effective for certain products.

If your health brand is meant to convey peace, quiet, relief or serenity, keep it simple so clients can get a sense of what you’re about.

Graphic Design Trends Move Fast

Always stay on top of what is happening in your industry. People get tired of trends, concepts become cliches, and good ideas become overused quickly.

Before making any overreaching brand reinvention, make a list of five ideas that you want to associate with your health brand.

Make sure every decision relates to at least three and you’ll be on the right track. And always keep an eye on the latest information in design.