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3 Awesome Dental Marketing Tips For Your Website

These days, dental practices must employ an effective dental marketing strategy in order to find new clients.

It’s common knowledge that all businesses and professionals must maintain an online presence. An effective online presence consists of a website and accounts on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Social media accounts are important, but your website is more important. Your website is the main platform for your practice’s information.

To truly get to know you, clients must go to your website.

Three Awesome Dental Marketing Tips For Building An Effective Website

Because your website is how potential clients get to know you, you must make sure you’re taking full advantage of it.

There are certain elements that every dental practice website should include to make it a cut above competing sites. Below are three dental marketing tips for building an effective website.

1. Implement A User-Friendly Design

You could have the greatest content online, but it won’t matter if your website’s design and interface are hard to navigate.

All content should be organized intuitively so clients don’t have to hunt for the information they want. The basic website model features page links at the top, content in the middle, with contact information on the side or at the bottom.

Most clients will first look in those locales for the corresponding element.

Of course, changing it up can make for a pleasant browsing experience as well. Just make sure all information is easy to find. If you’re unsure, have an employee test the site prior to launch.

2. Use SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process by which web runners optimize websites for high search engine rankings. High search engine rankings mean more clients can find your website before your competitor’s.

Common SEO methods include keyword usage as well as backlinking to quality, relevant, internal and external links.

You can determine the most beneficial keywords for your website by using any number of keyword finders online. From there, implement your keywords everywhere on your site, not just your content body. Use them in your headers, your meta descriptions, and the alternative text for your images.

Part of how search engines determine your rank is by credibility. You build credibility by citing — that is, linking to — credible web pages. Higher credibility lends to increasing your internal links’ credibility as well.

3. Include Vital Information About Your Practice

Many practices fail to include vital information on their websites. Such information includes, of course, your contact information and hours of operation.

But what about your practice’s operations and policies? Clients need to know about them prior to seeing you.

Such operations and policies include:

  • Whether or not you see children
  • If you accept walk-in appointments
  • Whether or not you offer emergency dental services
  • The kinds of dental insurance you accept
  • The kinds of procedures you perform beyond regular check-ups

Your website should also feature resources about your practice for your client’s benefit. Common resources include explanations of the procedures you offer and how dental insurance works.

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