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How to Create a Great Promotional Design for a Window Furnishing Company

What if you could make your window furnishing company stand out in one day?

That’s how long it takes to learn some basic tips about promotional design. These tips help your business outshine competitors and earn more profit.

You must understand what promotional design is before you can begin to master it.

What is Good Promotional Design?

A good personal design goes beyond a good-looking logo. Your design should be an extension of your personality.

Many people think you have to be a graphic designer to create great designs. However, it’s possible to create unique and engaging designs by following just a few quick tips.

Vivid Color

Many businesses use minimalist designs. These look classy and tasteful but can also seem bland and boring.

Your own business should explore using vibrant colors. These help to immediately catch the eye of potential customers.

You can customize colors by the audience as well. Women respond well to bright, soft colors such as pink and lavender. Men respond well to dark colors like black and gray. Children respond well to bright red and yellow.

Use color creatively to both attract specific audiences and stand out among competitors.

Find the Perfect Size

The general rule of thumb is that your design should be recognizable from a distance. This includes both the primary image and any assorted text.

Forcing potential clients to get really close to read your design defeats the purpose of the design. Any text must be large enough and easy to read.

The business name should be in the biggest font. Supporting information such as address and contact info should be slightly smaller.

Any fine print you feel must be included should be smaller. This helps the other, more important text easily stand out.

Make It Easy to Read

Making the text easy to read goes beyond using a large font. You must also consider things like font style and font color.

Overly stylized fonts may be difficult to read. This is why many designers flock to sturdy fonts such as Impact.

You must also ensure your font color interacts well with any background colors. Design decisions such as yellow font on a lime green background render your text unreadable to clients.

Collage vs. Single

You must decide between using a single image design or a collage. Each one has both advantages and disadvantages.

A single image is more striking and eye-catching. It immediately draws the reader’s attention to a single message.

A collage helps to tell a story that sells your product. It also allows you to use several images instead of relying on a single one.

The final product often determines the design format. Collages work well on online advertisements and websites. For posters and t-shirts, a single image is often more preferable for your business.

The Power of Contrast

Good promotional design immediately grabs someone’s attention. Remember that you must make them interested in your products and services in a single glance.

Using high contrast is a great way to get someone’s attention and keep it. This is because most posters and promotional materials start with white backgrounds.

Combining a high color background with full bleed helps your design immediately stand out from the pack.

Photo vs. Image

Many businesses try to create unique images to help advertise themselves. While this is important for things like logos, there is no replacement for high-quality images.

Your clients are very image-driven. The demand for great photos is the primary reason why Instagram remains so popular.

Try using quality images of your products and of customers using your products. Use different photo effects to help make the images perfect. This may include making the colors brighter and making the edges softer.

A good example of high-quality product images are these shots of Taylor and Stirling roller blinds. The images are direct and uncluttered, letting customers see the product in action.

Know Your Location

Many businesses make the mistake of creating designs without knowing where those designs will be placed. The actual placement of your design should be a major factor when you are creating it.

You may decide to go with different designs or different text if the final image will be on a billboard instead of a poster. This would also determine whether you create a horizontal or a vertical design.

If you know exactly where the design will be displayed, it may influence the colors you use. This allows you to create a visual contrast that makes your design really stand out.

Worst case scenario, your design may become practically invisible. An example would be a primarily blue ad that is displayed on a blue wall.

The more you know about the final location, the better your design can be.

Beauty Over Business

One irony is that the best advertisements often do not focus on advertisements. Instead, they engage customers with beautiful content.

Customers, especially Millennials, respond well to beautiful photos paired with meaningful text. This is the foundation for many of the “memes” that are shared online every day.

The trick is to create beautiful photos that still reflect your business. Your window furnishing company could focus on beautiful photos outside of a furnished window.

Similarly, you must ensure any quotes you use represent the values of you and your company. This helps you seem authentic and understandable to your audience.

Don’t Forget the Call to Action

The best designs are still worthless if they don’t direct customers to your business. Make sure most of your ads invite customers to take definitive action.

This may include signing up for exclusive deals. You could also invite customers to a new store location. Use the best call to action to entice new customers to visit.

The Bottom Line

It can be difficult to create the best promotional design for your window furnishing company. This is especially true if you are not an experienced designer.

Fortunately, you don’t have to design this material on your own. To learn more about creating the most engaging designs for the most diverse audiences, visit PSD Learning today!