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7 Web Design Tips for Setting Up a Profitable Online Weed Shop

Marijuana practically sells itself. This plant has a huge following and serves as a substance used medicinally and recreationally. Therefore, marijuana has a great market. But does that mean you need to be lazy about marijuana marketing?

Digital marijuana marketing is key to selling marijuana and marijuana products online. When you create a website for your weed store, you need to ensure your customers will want to stay there.

This isn’t a difficult task. A good marijuana website doesn’t require detailed artwork and intricate graphics. Rather, a professional design with user accessibility will attract customers and boost online sales.

Here are 7 web design tips to help improve your online weed shop.

1. Create a Professional Logo for Your Website

One of the most proficient digital marketing tricks is in your company’s logo.

Your logo has a lot to say about your company. Especially for a weed shop; a rolling paper company’s logo will look drastically different than the logo for a CBD oil manufacturer.

After you design the perfect logo, make sure it’s visible on your website.

Display your logo on the top of your website. Keep it displayed on your website’s sidebars. Your logo should also be prevalent in all content, specifically media such as photos and video.

This helps create brand awareness. When a customer recognizes your logo, they recognize your brand. And the easiest way to achieve this is by displaying your logo on your website.

2. Type Design is Essential

When people think of web design, they usually think of themes, page layouts, and color schemes. While these are important web design aspects, most people forget about one of the most important web design aspects: type design.

Your website visitors don’t visit your website to admire the amazing design. They’re looking for information, your products, and educational content. How do customers find this vital information? By reading your website.

Always put emphasis on typography design. Use a font that’s legible. Make sure all text corresponds to the same or similar font type. For headers and paragraph text, make sure font sizes aren’t too small or too big.

The text color is also important. You obviously want your text to be a legible color. But choose a color that matches well with your weed shop website’s color scheme.

3. Stick to a Three-Color Palette

Are you confused about your use of color? You want your website to look beautiful, but consistency is always important. But there’s a key to color palettes: always stick to the same three colors.

Which colors should you choose for each website element? That’s up to you — as long as it falls under your website color palette.

For example, let’s say your color palette consists of pale red, bright red, and dark red. Keep a pale red background with dark red font and bright red menu and sidebars. But don’t add bright yellow bold text or a purple menu font color.

4. Use High-Definition Media

Have you seen a poorly edited or exported image? If you’re not sure what this means, the media will be pixilated. When you’re uploading images of your weed shop products, always make sure your media is high-definition.

This may mean you’ll have to hire a photographer or invest in a great camera. But these expenses are worth it; you’ll lose legitimacy if you upload poorly shot cell phone photos or did not export your photos correctly.

In addition, be consistent with sizes. Find out the best image size for your website layout. Correct photo size maintains consistency but also enhances image clarity.

5. Always Use Space

It’s tempting to promote all products and specials on one page while uploading content and trying to increase leads.

You may think you should place these promotional tools on one page. But a cluttered website won’t benefit your weed shop website.

The best websites are the simplest. Always give each website breathing room.

Optimize the most important information for each page. If any promotions or ads fit within a page, add a small icon or design.

To enhance focus, give each web page element proper margins.

Separate product placement from descriptions and shipping information.

Always promote more content, but in the appropriate spaces. You should also separate content with media such as photos. A large wall of text will turn-off any website visitor.

A perfect website to use for inspiration is Dope Mail. Their website is well-organized and they only utilize the most important aspects of design. Their content isn’t overbearing and their website tools are created with clarity.

6. SEO is Also in the Design

Your weed shop has a lot of competition. Therefore, it’s important you optimize SEO so you perform better on Google. This includes a combination of digital marketing and local SEO if you have a brick-and-mortar store.

Utilize organic and inorganic marketing to drive more traffic, such as AdWords and content marketing. Use web design elements to create leads, such as offering an enticing service that drives customers to provide their information.

7. Last but Not Least: UI/UX

User interface and user experience, or UI/UX, is one of the most important web design factors. You want your website visitors to conveniently access your website in a compatible format.

Make sure you choose a mobile and tablet-friendly design.

Your website should also load fast and not contain interfering pop-ups. Your weed shop type also depends on the user’s experience; medical marijuana patients don’t want to look at the same features of a recreational marijuana website.

Fortunately, most pre-made templates offer a UI/UX experience. But the design relies on you. Identify your audience and know what they want to see from your website.

Did These Tips Help Your Weed Shop Website Design?

When you have a sleek and accessible website, you will attract a wider audience.

Web design sounds difficult, but it doesn’t require an expert.

You can create a unique website without intricate techniques or industry knowledge. Modern website technology allows feature implementation and other tools that make it easy to optimize UI/UX.

As long as you know the tricks, you can easily handle your web design on your own.

If you’re having difficulty achieving an amazing website, we can help.