/The Best Way to Use Web Design for Your Pilot School
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The Best Way to Use Web Design for Your Pilot School

Your website’s design affects your business’ entire internet presence. A good design can mean more future pilots choosing your pilot training services. A bad design can severely affect your business. But what makes for good web design and how can you use those techniques to design your pilot school website?

Here are a few ways you can use web design for your pilot training school.

Make It Responsive

Today’s internet users are multiplatform. This means they could be viewing your website on mobile, desktop, or tablet. Your website must not only look great on all platforms, it must also work well.

Responsive web design ensures your website will look its best and operate correctly no matter the screen size it’s being viewed on.

Use a Content Management System (CMS)

A CMS is a back-end system that people use to update the content of a website. To ensure your pilot training website is able to be easily updated, building it in a CMS is key.

A lot of CMS’s have their own design templates you can use as well. Using them will save you a lot of time in the long run as you’ll be adopting an already built design to your needs rather than building one from scratch.

Personalize Your Content

A lot of the best flight training out there is one-on-one. If you’re running your own flight training then make sure your website reflects that experience.

Include an “About Us” page with photos of yourself and your team. When writing content, make sure it’s from the 1st person perspective. Let your personality shine through.

Use Quality Visuals

Studies show we remember images better than we do words. Choosing the right imagery for your website isn’t just about making things look nice, it’s also about creating a lasting impression in the minds of visitors.

If you haven’t already, hire a photographer to capture quality images of your business. Users are savvy to stock photos, so including authentic photos of your own planes will go a long way.

If your business is new, then do yourself a favor and get a logo properly designed. Your reputation and your bottom line will thank you.

User Experience Is Key

User experience is the act of designing and building your website with your users in mind. Good user experience means that your website is easy and intuitive to use. How you design your website will depend a lot on how your users will be using it.

For instance, you wouldn’t design a brochure website the same way you would an online course website.

If your website is going to include online training courses, such as instrument flight training, then you must design the website accordingly. Emphasise ease of use and make sure the courses themselves are intuitive to navigate.

Design Your Own Pilot Training Website

Good web design can mean the difference between pilots signing on or potential customers heading elsewhere. With these few tips and tricks, you’ll be able to design your own pilot training website and start attracting new students today.

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