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3 Smoking Ideas for Stickers

With vaping on the rise, especially as a tool to stop smoking tobacco, your e-cig or e-juice company is likely going to have more competition than ever before.

This means that traditional advertising methods, like social media posts or giveaways, aren’t going to cut it anymore.

Now, it’s all about building up a hype around your brand.

One of the best ways to do that?

By handing out or street-tagging with stickers. Looking for the best ideas for stickers to advertise your vape or smoking company?

Read on to learn what it takes to stand out.

1. Up In Smoke

Are you looking for ideas for stickers for your e-cig shop that catch the attention of your consumers at first sight?

If so, then it’s important that you go for an active logo design. This means that your sticker shouldn’t be of a static image, like an unlit cigarette or a colorless vape pen.

Instead, it should show those products actually in use.

One of the most effective ways to do just that?

By writing out your brand’s name and the message you’d like to convey in clouds of smoke.

Show that the cigarette is lit or that the e-cig is turned on, and then have them serve as an actual “pen” in the sticker design. Get extra creative by including symbols like stars, spirals, and other shapes within the lettered clouds themselves.

2. Use A Character

Is the founder of your tobacco/e-cig brand an especially interesting person?

Is there someone in your life that inspired you to start your vaping company? Is there a neighborhood character that hangs out around your vape shop?

If so, include a portrait of these characters in your ideas for stickers.

For example, take a look at the logo design of the Broke Dick vape juice. Their design shows a man in a black sideways baseball cap, with an oversized handlebar mustache, and an “X” in one eye.

Immediately, those who see this character are intrigued and wonder if this is the “Dick” referenced in the brand name.

Including a character is also an awesome way to make a connection with your local market — especially important if you’re a smaller, independent shop. Plus, this character seriously helps when it comes to building your brand awareness and recognition.

3. A Reference To Flavors

When you’re coming up with design ideas for stickers, you should also think about how to communicate the kinds of flavors that you actually offer to consumers.

Which flavors are your most popular ones, and can you reference them in your design?

For example, if you’re known for more tropical flavors, could your sticker have a Hawaiian theme and incorporate bright, bold colors into the design?

This will help consumers to make a connection to the kinds of flavors you can help them experience.

Which Ideas For Stickers On This List Work For You?

We hope this post has encouraged you to think outside of the box when it comes to advertising your vape company.

Need additional design advice? Looking for more ways to stand out?

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