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10 Best Logo Makers and Creation Tools

A logo is a crucial branding and marketing element. That’s why people spend thousands of dollars on graphic design degrees. It’s an artistic venture, even if your logo only consists of text.

It’s extremely valuable to have your own, identifiable font. The arrangement of your font can make or break your brand. Needless to say, there’s a lot to be said about good graphic design.

If you’re seeking to create a logo, you need to have the best logo design software. It’s just not going to look professional unless you use the right tools on your design. Here are a few of the best ones on the market:

The Best Logo Design Software

Before we dig in, there’s something to note. You may be skeptical about design software, thinking that you can just create a logo on Microsoft Word or something; unfortunately, that will not do.

You risk looking unprofessional if you have a poor design. Be proud of your brand and have a great logo that demands respect.

1. Adobe Illustrator

The Adobe suite gives artists and content creators a wide palette of tools that help them make their vision come true. Adobe Illustrator is one of those tools, and it’s used all of the time by professionals.

You have the potential to make a fantastic logo with Adobe Illustrator– you just have to learn the ropes first. Our recommendation is to go in with an idea, find a tutorial that will help you use the tools to create that idea, and go from there.

Youtube has thousands of Adobe tutorials, so you shouldn’t be too hard-pressed to find one that works for you.

2. Laughingbird

Laughingbird is a great option for those who don’t have particularly great graphic design skills. This is because there are a lot of templates for you to choose from, making it easy to whip up a great logo.

The software costs almost 40 dollars and that’s a one-time fee. After that, you have unlimited access to logos and variations of your current logo.

3. LogoMaker

You can use this tool without any prior design experience as well. While it’s recommended that you take your time and consult with your business partners on a design, you certainly have the option to whip one up with this tool.

The great thing about this site is that all of the content has been created by professional graphic designers. You have thousands of different templates to look through and choose from, all made by the best people in the business.

Once you choose a template, though, your options are a little limited. The templates are not extremely customizable, but they are quality.

4. Sothink Logo Maker

This is a beginner’s paradise. It allows access to the full color spectrum and a wide variety of graphics and vectors. You can also draw your own shapes to customize your image.

This will be extremely handy if you have a penchant for drawing. The ability to use every color, though, is extremely valuable because most beginner design software doesn’t let you do this.

5. Logo Design Studio Pro

Logo Design Studio Pro is a great option for those who have little experience but want to create their own designs. The interface has thousands of templates as well as more than 6,000 different graphical elements you can use to construct a design.

If you have a specific vision in mind, you’ll most likely be able to create it using this software. That being said, Adobe Illustrator is going to be better for those who want a completely unique logo, but you do have a high degree of customizability with Logo Design Studio Pro.

6. Summitsoft Logo Design

Summitsoft is an intermediate program with a lot of the same options as Design Studio Pro. It’s user-friendly and intuitive, making it an easy thing to pick up for the beginning designer.

The greatest thing about this software is the fact that you can get feedback on your designs. If you send your design to the Summitsoft employees, they will make a couple of variations for you to consider. It’s essentially like a proof-reading of your logo.

7. Affinity Designer

Affinity designer is created for people with a little bit of design experience. Like Adobe Illustrator, it’s possible to figure it out with tutorials, but it’s certainly challenging.

Affinity gives you the ability to create multiple vector and raster layers, which is something that only high-end software usually does. Another pro is that the interface isn’t extremely complicated like Adobe Illustrator’s is.

8. Sketch

Sketch offers an extremely clean and streamlined interface. What do you expect from a graphic design company?

It offers a lot of the same customizability and function that our previous items did, but Sketch comes with a bonus gift; a strong community. The community of online designers that use this software is unmatched.

Some programs, like Illustrator, may have a larger community but Sketch is king in the intermediate level.

9. LogoSmartz

LogoSmartz is another option for the beginner designers out there. It uses a lot of clip-art and offers pre-made templates. The libraries of images are also well organized, making it easy to find logos from your specific industry.

One limitation, however, is that the selection of images is rather small. That being said, most beginner software doesn’t have a particularly large range of images.

10. AAA Logo Maker

This software is extremely simple. You won’t get much in the way of fancy designs and flare, but you will get straight to the point. this might actually be an excellent choice for the youth-oriented industries out there.

You can resize the graphic to go onto business cards or posters, and you can upload your own images onto the software. That being said, you’re not given much help and the software only works of PCs.

Need Help With Design?

Using the best logo design software is the first step, understanding how to make a great design is the second! Whether you’re using Photoshop or one of the options listed above, sometimes you need a little assistance with the particulars.

If you need any help learning a software or creating a design, we have the information you need.