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5 Tips For Creating a Memorable Photo Collage

Remember the days of cutting out photos by hand to create collages for your friends and family? Of spending tedious hours assembling the perfect fit and trying not to glue your fingers together?

Thankfully, we now live in a digital age where a different kind of photo collage is possible. In fact, over 1.1 trillion digital photos are taken each year. And with that kind of material, we can all create the absolute perfect collage as a gift or memory.

However, there are guidelines that you should know about before you get started on your own digital collage. Curious to know more? Keep reading for five helpful tips for creating a memorable collage.

1. Choose the Right Photo Collage Program for You

There are tons of programs available which can be helpful in creating your collage. The right one for you depends on which computer system you use and what sort of collage you’d like to make.

Do your research and choose the option which is best suited for you. There are even free programs like Adobe Spark that help you to create beautiful collages at no cost whatsoever!

2. Create Complimentary Colors

Once you’re up and running, consider the colors in each of the photos which you would like to include in your photo collage. The goal is to make the big picture look as pleasing to the eye as possible.

If you love a photo but think that its colors clash with the rest, fear not. You can always use photoshop to adjust the coloring.

3. Focus on Photo Size

The unique size that you choose for each photo will reflect its importance. If you really want to highlight a particular moment, make sure that its size is larger than the rest. Using a variety of sizes in your photo collage will make it more visually exciting.

4. Learn About Layouts

The way in which you organize your photos goes hand-in-hand with the sizes you choose. If you want to specially feature a certain moment, make sure that it is centralized in your layout. Keep less important moments to the sides and surrounding the main focuses of your piece.

5. Look into Borders and Frames

Once you have your collage organized just the way you want it, go the extra mile by choosing a border or frame to accent the finished product. If you notice that one particular color stands out in your piece, that could be a great color to choose for your frame or border.

Enjoy Yourself!

Now that you have all the info you need, enjoy creating your memorable photo collage! Just remember to find a helpful program that works for you, to focus on creating a pleasant color scheme and layout, and to try out a snazzy border or frame for the finishing touch.

If you follow these tips, you can’t go wrong! You’re sure to create a collage that will be appreciated and remembered for years to come.

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