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6 Essential Features All the Best Restaurant Websites Have

Did you know that there were over 1 million booming restaurant businesses in the US last year? While the pandemic has limited the industry, there’s still plenty of competition.

If you’re hoping to keep your restaurant competitive, then you need to build up a web presence. You need your business to be among the best restaurant websites to attract customers.

Not sure where to get started? The first thing you need to do is verify your website has all the latest and greatest features. Read on to learn 6 features to include on your site.

1. Attractive Website Design

The first thing people will notice is your restaurant web design. If your site’s bogged down by ads or it’s incoherent, no one will take the time to browse around.

Instead, make your website clear and focused. Ensure your restaurant’s name is visible right away. Make your different pages clear, too. If a user can’t navigate your site, then they’ll click away and take their business elsewhere.

2. Mobile-Friendly Interface

What good is a great design if it doesn’t translate for mobile users? It’s 2020, so a huge percentage of your visitors will be on their smart devices. That means going mobile is a must!

3. SEO

Wouldn’t it be amazing to come up first in a search engine when someone looks up food that you sell? Don’t make the mistake of thinking such rankings are out of reach.

You can use SEO strategies to boost your ranking and start getting more leads.

4. Online Booking Feature

Another feature you need is an online booking service. More customers want to make reservations online rather than over the phone. Give them what they want by adding a booking feature onto your site.

5. Your Menu and Contact Information

Why are people visiting your site? Most likely, they want to either see your menu or contact your business. Make sure you feature this information on your website. Otherwise, many of your guests won’t get the answers they’re looking for.

If you can take professional looking photos of some of your menu items, then do it. Feature them on your menu, and you’re sure to get more customers.

6. Analytics

Another essential feature you need with a website is analytics tools. This feature isn’t for your customers but for you. Analytics will help you see important data about your website visitors.

Will You Create One of the Best Restaurant Websites?

The best restaurant websites have everything your customers are looking for. They provide details about your business and give your customers a way to contact you. On top of that, they’re easy to use and have attractive designs.

It sounds so simple, but creating the best website is harder than you’d think! Start by adding these 6 features and then work on keeping up with the latest trends.

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