/10 Branding and Design Tips to Help Your Business Stand Out
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10 Branding and Design Tips to Help Your Business Stand Out

Branding and design are the number one tools at your disposal as a business owner to help set yourself apart from the competition.

Branding is also the way you, as a company, can communicate with your clients.

The human brain processes visual imagery 60,000 times faster than it does words, and in a time where people are so easily distracted, it’s crucial you keep their attention by making sure your branding and design is on point.

Want to know how? Keep reading for ten quick tips on how to make your business stand out.

1. Finding The Right Color

When designing your brand logo, you want to go for the right color. Why? It’s simple: readability.

Having the right color for your logo can improve readership by up to 40% if it makes it easier to read. Grab peoples’ attention with colors that reflect the feel of your business.

Take the logo for Army Challenge Coins business Military Coins USA, for example. The combination of black and red makes for a bold, punchy, eye-grabbing logo, which stands out all the more on the white background.

Simple, yet wildly effective.

2. Consistent Design

The right color applies to your design, too. You want your web design to be consistent with your logo for a more cohesive, professional look.

91% of consumers say they are more likely to spend money on what they perceive to be an authentic brand.

Consistent branding and design reflects well on your business and makes it seem more genuine and honest. Make a good first impression.

3. Keep Up With Branding and Design Trends

A new year brings with it new design trends. Traditional design and branding can work, but keeping on top of the latest in cutting-edge design will keep your business ahead of the curve and make you stand out.

Check out our article on design trends for 2018 to get some ideas.

4. Social Media Marketing For Better Brand Identity

Consistent branding begins with consistent design, of course. However, carrying that consistency over to social media will increase exposure and brand credibility.

71% of consumers say they are more likely to buy a brand they follow on social media. So get social!

5. What’s in a Name?

A good name will evoke positive emotions. Did you know that 90% of all purchasing decisions are made subconsciously?

For this reason, it’s the brands and products that provoke positive emotions to come forward in the subconscious to win out. Make sure your brand and product names do that. Inspire and channel positivity.

6. Great Customer Service

What better way to evoke positive emotions with your brand than through memorable customer service? Outstanding customers service is something consumers value most in a brand. It shows integrity and cares for the client.

Displaying a testimonial or customer reviews and feedback page as part of your website design will show you care what your customers think, and are proud to share their thoughts.

7. Start A Company Blog

A great way to advertise your services or products is to appeal to your customers’ interests.

Think of your target audience and the kind of things they’d want to read. Make them relate to what your business is trying to sell and, voila! A blog to increase traffic to your website and strengthen your company brand.

8. Tangible Brand Promotion

While the majority of brand promotion is done digitally these days, why not consider giving your customers something tangible to remember you by?

In line with your web-branding and digital design, design brochures and business cards to spread the word about your business.

9. Mobile-Compatibility

So much web-browsing nowadays is done via mobile devices. Make sure your website looks good on all platforms and on all screens, big or small.

Mobile marketing is the way forward, so make sure your business is on board!

10. Dynamic Website Design

Brush up on that HTML and get down with the basics of dynamic web design. This is more than just mobile-compatibility.

You want to make sure your brand’s website works for cross-browser web surfing, as well as viewing on larger screens. Web-dynamism means your website will always look great, whether it’s pulled up in Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox.

Want More Branding and Design Tips?

Take all these tips on board and you can’t fail. Keep revising and reworking your design and branding to stay fresh and have an edge over your competitors.

For more design tips, be sure to check out our design and interface section for more ideas and inspiration.